Posts of the Day – February 2015

Cottage6Despite originally hoping and promising on Twitter to continue the Posts of the Day until the end of April, unfortunately we are a third of the way through March already, no posts of the day have materialised so far this month, and I’m only just managing to find time to publish the February list of my favourite articles. Sadly this is a sign that this feature of my blog needs to come to an end for a while. As much as I enjoy reading colleagues’ thoughts and opinions, and will continue to do so and share on Twitter and Google+, finding a post of the day for every day of every month is a time-consuming task and one I can realistically no longer fit into my busy schedule. I have my eye on a number of courses I would like to complete within the next 18 months to improve my profile and my skills, and I need to finish the one I have already signed up for very soon before the deadline catches up with me. Several ideas for posts of my own are also clamouring for attention and a few hours to polish them off.

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Posts of the Day – January 2015

Snow1January is over already, and it’s been a busy month for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, I’ve been trying out my new stand-up desk and treadmill when the type of work I’m doing permits. I still need to sort out how best to include a couple of hours on the treadmill per day into my routine, and I’ll be reporting on my experience as soon as I can. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in these alternative desks and why sitting is bad for you, please check out David Cain’s and Caroline Devitt’s articles below, as well as some I included in the December Posts of the Day.

I’ve also conducted two surveys on ads on translation blogs with some extremely interesting results. In fact if you have opted to monetise your blog, I’d be very grateful if you could complete the second of these surveys as it’s still open. I’ll be writing about this towards the end of February after I finish the large project that is rather dominating my life at the moment.

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Posts of the Day – December 2014

Xmas treeChristmas is over, 2015 is here and the busyness has begun already. After spending nine days away from home, most of that time without an Internet connection for the laptop (this must have been a temporary blip because my dongle usually works almost everywhere, especially at my mother’s), I find myself playing catch-up before the new year has really got underway with two long to-do lists (work and personal). Unfortunately, I also spent half the holiday suffering from a winter bug that I’m only just recovering from. Feeling under the weather is the main reason why I got so far behind with the posts of the day in December and didn’t manage to complete a book review I’d been planning to post before the end of the month. The latter will now have to wait its turn in the queue, but the posts of the day are all below.

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Posts of the Day – November 2014

Queens Park8This month I’ve been surprised by just how many new translation blogs I’ve come across. Well, new to me anyway, and I’ve duly added them to my blogroll and reading list. These new discoveries are another timely reminder of just how many translators are beavering away out there and that everything I’m aware of in our industry, which seems like quite a lot sometimes, is actually just a small slice of the whole picture. And it’s so refreshing to hear different voices and welcome new faces into my virtual translation world.

These ‘new’ blogs include Verbaccino, Looking-Glass Translations, Word Assets, De Transferendo, Audra Translates and The Cycling Translator. They all contain a wealth of interesting articles, some of which are included below in November’s list. I hope to find the time to revisit them and include many more posts from these great bloggers in coming months.

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Posts of the Day – October 2014

Halloween1October was another busy month, especially as I celebrated one year of running this blog with a number of posts that have proved to be quite popular, as well as a year of tweeting as the Nix Tran Stories on Twitter. 

I also added more blogs to my blogroll as I came across more writers. One recent discovery is Maren Feller’s Word Matters. Two of her extremely interesting and highly accessible articles are listed below.

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Posts of the Day – September 2014

QP1Bloggers were writing fast and furiously in September after the summer holidays with many focusing their attention on the differences between the premium and bulk market, rates and whether complaining (ranting) about our lot can ever achieve anything productive. It’s even become a tad too heated at times, which is extremely unfortunate and far from edifying for our profession. You’ll find a number of these posts below as they all provide food for thought on the complex issues currently affecting the industry. I’ve tried to sum up some of my own thoughts on all the above in my post The Premium, the Bulk and the PEMT.

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Posts of the Day – August 2014

IMG_0095A few years ago August used to be a relatively quiet month for me since a lot of companies in Spain either close shop for a few weeks in the summer or end their working days early as it’s often just too darn hot to concentrate. However, in recent years I’ve noticed that job offers in this traditional holiday month have been on the rise and this year was no exception. Having just done my accounts, they show that I’ve translated for a higher number of clients than ever before in August.

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