Social Media

IMG_1683A handy list of all the posts on this blog with social media as the topic. I have also listed some recommended reading posts in the Social Media section on the Articles of Special Interest to New Translators page.

  1. Endorsements … who’d ‘ave ’em? on LinkedIn endorsements (Validaciones: ¿Un mal necesario?)
  2. Why you might regret not being on Facebook
  3. Some Quick Online Presence Tips
  4. Adverts on Translation Blogs – Survey Results
  5. LinkedIn Pointers – Part One: Photos and Headlines
  6. LinkedIn Pointers – Part Two: Connecting and Netiquette
  7. LinkedIn Pointers – Part Three: The “Meaty” Sections
  8. LinkedIn Pointers – Part Four: The Other Profile Sections
  9. LinkedIn Pointers – Part Five: Groups
  10. Everything (!) you’ve always wanted to know about Twitter
  11. 4 Reasons Why Every Translator Should Blog by Hanna Sles
  12. 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog
  13. Translation and Interpreting Blog Survey
  14. Blogging is Not Dead – Translation & Interpreting Blog Survey Results (Part 1)

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