General Dictionaries & Glossaries

This first section of useful links and resources for translators and interpreters includes these categories of dictionaries and glossaries:

General English /

General Spanish /

General Monolingual / General Into & Out of Spanish /

General Multilingual / Pronunciation Multilingual

The other four sections of useful links and resources for translators and interpreters on separate pages are:

subject-specific dictionaries and glossaries

writing-related resources

translation-related tools and links

other links of interest

It is worth checking with your University to see whether they have agreements in place for you to access some of these resources free of charge.

Last updated February 2023

General English

  1. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
  2. Cambridge Essential British English Dictionary
  3. Collins English Dictionary British and American English
  5. Dictionary of American Regional English
  6. Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles
  7. Dictionary of Singlish and Singapore English
  8. Fine Dictionary definitions from 4 dictionaries, example sentences, facts, quotations, idioms, etc.
  9. The Free Dictionary
  10. Glossarissimo Monolingual & Multilingual resources & terminology
  11. Green’s Dictionary of Slang
  12. MacMillan Dictionary
  13. Macquarie Dictionary Australian dictionary and thesaurus (free trial)
  14. Merriam Webster
  15. OneLook Dictionary for definitions, words related to words or concepts, words/phrases starting or ending with word or letters, etc.
  16. Terminology Without Borders (TermCoord)
  17. The Online Slang Dictionary
  18. Oxford English Dictionary (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  19. Oxford Reference (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  20. TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free software to download)
  21. Urban Dictionary crowdsourced dictionary for slang terms and phrases
  22. a dictionary that includes a section called The Challenge to help you learn difficult words
  23. WikiDiff for quickly finding the difference between words
  24. Wordnik definitions, examples ad related words
  25. WordWeb English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free and paid software to download)
  26. 3000+ Translation Glossaries List created by Inbox Translation

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General Spanish

  1. Coloquialmente glosario sobre el español coloquial
  2. Diccionario de Significados y Definiciones
  3. Diccionario del Español de México
  4. Diccionario de variantes del español
  5. Diccionario español de construcciones preposicionales
  6. Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (DPD)
  7. Dirae Diccionario inverso by the Real Academia Española
  8. DRAE Diccionario de la lengua española by the Real Academia Española
  9. Fundéu BBVA Fundación del Español Urgente (buen uso del español en los medios de comunicación)
  10. Goodrae diccionario hipertextual, lematizado y con búsqueda inversa
  11. Jergas de habla hispana
  12. Vocabulario Popular Cubano Diccionario Cubano- Español

General Monolingual

  1. Duden Wörterbuch online
  2. Larousse Dictionnaire de Français

General Into & Out of Spanish

  1. Academia Canaria de la Lengua
  2. Diccionario Argentino-Español
  3. Diccionario avanzado catalán-español
  4. Diccionario catalán – español Glosbe
  5. Diccionario catalán <> español Lexicool
  6. Diccionario español – mallorquín
  7. Diccionario General de la Lengua Asturiana
  8. False Friends English-Spanish Dictionary
  9. Granada University en<>es Dictionary
  10. Spanish Central by Merriam-Webster – translation with word-by-word breakdown
  11. Spanish Translator Services Several links to glossaries & dictionaries
  12. Word Magic es-en only

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General Multilingual

  1. abcXXL Online Dictionary be, de, en, et, fr, ga, lt, lv, pl, ru, sv, uk
  2. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias searches several resources
  3. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias German version of the above
  4. 28 languages
  5. Beolingus de-en-es-pt
  6. Collins Dictionaries de, en, es, fr and it
  7. Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana ca, de, en, es, fr, it
  8. English-German and Multilingual Dictionary
  9. EuroTermBank multiple languages
  10. Euskalterm Basque public term bank en-es-eu-fr
  11. Glosbe the multilingual online dictionary
  12. Glossarissimo Monolingual & Multilingual resources & terminology
  13. GlossaryLinks (TermCoord) search tool to find glossary you need from database of nearly 2,500 glossaries
  14. GoldenDict dictionary lookup program (software)
  15. Guidelines for contractors translating into English European Commission
  16. IATE InterActive Terminology for Europe. The database can also be downloaded.
  17. Keybot translation search machine in 143 languages
  18. Larousse Dictionnaires Bilingues fr-ar, fr-de, fr-en, fr-es, fr-it, fr-zh
  19. LDLP Dictionary ar and es, es, fr, de
  20. Le grand dictionnaire terminologique
  21. LEME Lexicons of Early Modern English (includes non-English lexicons, 1480-1755)
  22. Over 80 dictionaries, several languages (subscription required, free trial available)
  23. LEO de-en, de-es, de-fr, de-it, de-pl, de-pt, de-ru, de-zh
  24. Lexicool Bilingual and multilingual dictionaries
  25. Linguatools de-cs, de-da, de-el, de-en, de-es, de-fr, de-it, de-nl, de-pl, de-pt, de-ro, de-sv
  26. Linguee
  27. MagicSearch search multiple sources (dictionaries, corpora, MT engines, search engines) with one click
  28. Microsoft Language Portal
  29. Multitran ru and af, de, en, es, et, fr, it, ja, lv, nl, xal
  30. MyMemory linguistic search engine of translated segments and terminology
  31. Oxford Dictionaries Premium (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  32. Term Search
  33. Reverso Context translation in context
  34. Reverso Dictionary ar-de-en-es-fr-he-it-ja-ko-nl-pl-pt-ru-zh
  35. Tatoeba collection of sentences and translations
  36. TEPA Term Bank Finnish Terminology Center TSK en, fi, sv
  37. TermCoord Glossary Links – European Parliament Terminology Coordination
  38. Terminology Without Borders (TermCoord)
  39. Termium Plus
  40. TermSciences multidisciplinary terminological portal de-en-es-fr
  41. Tradooit en-fr, en-es, es-en, es-fr, fr-en, fr-es
  42. Translators Cafe TCTerms Questions
  43. UNTERM United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database
  44. Visual Dictionary en-es-fr
  45. Wiktionary
  46. WIPO Pearl WIPO’s multilingual terminology portal
  47. Word Hippo several languages, plus similar, opposite & rhyming words, etc.
  48. Word Reference
  49. WordFinder (subscription required to access over 500 dictionaries in 26 languages)
  50. Wörterbuchnetz
  51. Woxikon Multilingual dictionary & synonym database (8 European languages)

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Pronunciation Multilingual

  1. Forvo pronunciation dictionary (400 languages)
  2. YouGlish improve your pronunciation using YouTube videos (ar-de-el-en-es-fr-he-it-ja-ko-nl-pl-pt-ru-tr-zh)

1st photo by Tessa Kavanagh and 2nd by Gerd Altmann, both from Pixabay

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