Although there are many thousands of us in our translation sector, it often seems that only a few are in the spotlight. Undoubtedly this is because they have something to say and say it well, but I’m sure they’re not the only ones. That’s why I’m inviting colleagues to submit guest posts for this blog. I’d like to give you an opportunity to have your voice heard.

Perhaps you don’t have a blog and aren’t interested in starting one. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about blogging regularly but want to test the waters first. Perhaps you used to run a blog but let it lapse. Perhaps you wrote a great reply in a forum thread and would like a wider audience for your thoughts. Regardless, if you have something to say and would like to write a guest post about translation or a related subject, then please contact me.

Your blog post should be between 500 and 1000 words (but I’ll still consider it if it’s shorter or longer), written in English, Spanish, French or German and in a Word document. If you include photos, please make sure you have the right to use them.

A major feature of this blog is reviews of master’s degree programmes in Translation and Interpreting (the #t9nMA project), which are linked to short descriptions of the courses (European MA Translation and Interpreting Courses, Non-European MA Translation and Interpreting Courses and Distance-learning Master’s Degree Courses).

I am also particularly interested in reviews of courses, conferences and books on translation and interpreting. Posts on these aspects will also be referred to on the Links & Tips for Translators & Interpreters,  Conferences & Other Translation Events (Reviews) and Books on My Shelves (Reviews) pages, respectively, to help colleagues decide whether they might be of interest to them.

Given that I have a stand-up desk with a treadmill and Steppie, I am also keen to publish guest posts by translators willing to share their experiences of using an alternative set-up. Articles on this subject will also be referred to on the Work–Life Balance page. This sections also includes other posts linked to general wellbeing.

Guest posts on other aspects of the translation and interpreting profession are also welcome. This blog categories list will give you a better idea of the kind of topics I have written about.

I may provide a brief introduction or comment on your post. Please also include a short bio with a photo and links to your LinkedIn profile, website, Twitter account, etc. I would also expect you to share the post on social media and answer any comments. If you want to publish the post on your own blog later as well, that’s no problem. Just please wait four weeks and include a link back to the original post stating that it was first published on this blog (My Words for a Change).

After you’ve sent me your post for consideration, please give me a chance to read it and get back to you, which may take a while if I’m busy. I edit all guests posts and may make stylistic, grammatical and/or content changes or suggestions. If for whatever reason I decide not to publish your article after I have edited it, or you decide you do not want me to post it, you may not use my edited version elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee to publish every article submitted. On that note, I am unlikely to accept any post that is not connected to translation, interpreting, copywriting, editing and freelancing, so please don’t ask.

As I receive a lot of guest post proposals, any request that pays no heed to the above will be ignored. Guest posts containing affiliate links or links advertising anything other than the author’s own website and social media accounts will not be published. Please see Email Reply FAQs for more details.

Agencies wishing to submit a guest post must have a perfect payment record on

List of Guest Posts on My Words for a Change

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