Posts of the Day – November 2014

Queens Park8This month I’ve been surprised by just how many new translation blogs I’ve come across. Well, new to me anyway, and I’ve duly added them to my blogroll and reading list. These new discoveries are another timely reminder of just how many translators are beavering away out there and that everything I’m aware of in our industry, which seems like quite a lot sometimes, is actually just a small slice of the whole picture. And it’s so refreshing to hear different voices and welcome new faces into my virtual translation world.

These ‘new’ blogs include Verbaccino, Looking-Glass Translations, Word Assets, De Transferendo, Audra Translates and The Cycling Translator. They all contain a wealth of interesting articles, some of which are included below in November’s list. I hope to find the time to revisit them and include many more posts from these great bloggers in coming months.

In the meantime it’s back to work I go. November has been a bit of a crazy month for me and December is always busy in the run up to Christmas. I did, however, find some time to write my review of the tenth MET conference, which was held from 30 October to 1 November in El Escorial in Spain. It was my first time at a METM, but certainly not my last.

30/11/2014 Why Translators are Promoting Premium Markets by Kevin Hendzel (Word Prisms)

29/11/2014 The “Rude” Translator: Etiquette on Social Groups by Andrew Bell (The Cycling Translator) (post no longer available)

28/11/2014 My big Twitter epiphany. Or: “Why isn’t everyone doing this?” by Kathrin Bussmann (Verbaccino)

27/11/2014 6 tools to curb procrastination by Katie Dunn (Daily Genius) (post no longer available)

26/11/2014 It’s a Courtesy by Corinne McKay (Thoughts on Translation)

25/11/2014 The Proofreader’s Job by Sebastien Devogele (guest post for The Alexandria Library)  (post no longer available)

24/11/2014 Should translators blog? by Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler (De Transferendo)

23/11/2014 Translation as a problem-solving service: a consumer’s approach by Veronica Sardon (Word Assets)

22/11/2014 9 Negotiation mistakes every translator has been guilty of at least once by Marta Stelmaszak (guest post on The Savvy Newcomer)

21/11/2014 Comedy of Errors: 5 Reasons Not to Automate Your Translation by Kate Wilson (guest post for Lingua Greca)

20/11/2014 20 Ways to Ruin Your Translation Business by Audra de Falco (Audra Translates)  (post no longer available)

19/11/2014 Five Articles to Help You Improve Your Time Management by Marie Jackson (Looking-Glass Translations)

18/11/2014 12 Most Common Blogging Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Commit + A Checklist for Building a Successful Blog #infographic by Nicolette Morrison (Digital Information World)

17/11/2014 FIT President Henry Liu on ways to increase translation quality and value by Jayne Fox (Between Translations)

16/11/2014 God is not divine? The Pope is not Catholic? or how translation introduces loss and can distort meaning by Basis Technology

15/11/2014 Make proofreading less painful – literally by Carolyn Yohn (Translation Untangled)

14/11/2014 A short list of warning signs on websites of translation agencies for cautious translators by Steve Vitek (Diary of a Mad Patent Translator)

13/11/2014 Being picky – choosing your words by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

12/11/20104 ProZ and Cons by Karine Leroux (Linguistic Alchemy)

11/11/2014 How not to market your translation services by Karen Rueckert (Translator Mentoring Blog)

10/11/2014 Oh look, a penalty clause by Charlie Bavington (A Pragmatic Eye)

09/11/2014 Why proofreaders are important and when to get angry with your translator by Rob Lunn (Legally Yours from Spain)

08/11/2014 The introvert’s guide to translator conferences by Marta Stelmaszak (Want Words)

07/11/2014 Benefits of attending a translation conference by Tess Whitty (Swedish Translation Services)

06/11/2014 When a client says, “Geez…that’s really expensive.” by Corinne McKay (Thoughts on Translation)

05/11/2014 When a client says, “I can find someone cheaper.” by Audra de Falco (Audra Translates)  (post no longer available)

04/11/2014 What’s so wrong with the comfort zone by Simon Berrill (SJB Translations)

03/11/2014 7 Good Reasons for Translating Menus in Hotel Restaurants by Alina Cincan (Inbox Translation)

02/11/2014 Thirty-Five of the Very Best Quotes on Translation by Brin Wilson (Food for Translators)

01/11/2014 Tips on pricing strategies, negotiation and raising prices for translators by Tess Whitty (Marketing Tips for Translators)

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