Reflections & Resolutions

Queens Park1I’m not a huge fan of making New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I’ve never been much good at keeping them. But there are still times when I do reflect back on the year and resolve to make some changes in my business.

In 2016 I also looked back on the past month in the “What I learned in…” series with a few observations and reflections that I feel are worth sharing with readers and might prove useful. The posts in this series are listed below along with others that fall under this category.

  1. Turn-of-the-year Reflections & Resolutions

2. Books on My Shelves – 101 Things a Translator Needs to Know

3. Strawberries, cream and sparks of genius: Tennis parallels to help us be the best we can become

4. 2016: Here We Come!

5. What I learned in January 2016 (Twitter; accounting; admin)

6. What I learned in February 2016 (LinkedIn; video: habits of effective people; revisions; being a translator mother)

7. What I learned in March 2016 (DNS; Jean-Pierre Mailhac’s course; video: 8 secrets of success)

8. Resources Galore and the Danger of Sweeping Generalisations

9. What I learned in April 2016 (difficulties on the home front; direct clients; non-payments)

10. What I learned in May 2016 (late interest for non-payment; payment in advance; direct clients; cutting down on social media; video: self-esteem)

11. What I learned in June 2016 (freelance freedom; Blabbing Translators; video: science of persuasion; When is a translation not a translation?; EU referendum)

12. What I learned in July 2016 (on being a slave to your own rhythm; translations that sing)

13. What I learned in August 2016 (summer holiday; premium vs bulk considerations; Translate in Cambridge)

14. What I learned in September 2016 (Twitter for translation conferences and events; dubious marketing advice; tips to avoid distractions while translating)

15. What I learned in October 2016 (rates survey and increases; conference session and CPD quality; instagurus; motivational quotes; MIIS list of ten ways to prepare to be a student)

16. What I learned in November 2016 (bumpy ride of Brexit, Trump and the translation sector)

17. Happy New Year! And 2016 Gold, Silver & Bronze Posts 

18. What I learned in December 2016 (time management; learning languages; what sets us apart from machines?)

19. When the unthinkable happens and giving up work isn’t an option

20. On Loneliness, Friendship and Resolutions