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If you work at home, sitting with your laptop on the sofa or at the kitchen/dining-room table is not a recommended set-up. Instead you should invest in a proper desk and office chair.

But there’s a lot more to occupational health and safety than where you sit. It is even advisable these days to stand up for part of your day, or go that extra step and use a treadmill desk. Some colleagues and I have written some posts about our experience with stand-up desks, which you’ll find on the Work-Life Balance page on this blog.

A good website to go to for articles on alternative desks and tips for a healthier lifestyle is: Healthy Freelancers. And this article on reviews a number of standing desk options.

Besides the articles and video below, you’ll find more in the final category at the bottom of the Interesting Articles for Translators & Interpreters page

Information on occupational health and safety in the office FCOS Box

Posts on keyboards and typing on Emma Goldsmith’s blog Signs & Symptoms of Translations

‘Make proofreading less painful – literally’ by Carolyn Yohn

Workstation Setup Health and Safety Executive (UK)

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