Posts of the Day – October 2014

Halloween1October was another busy month, especially as I celebrated one year of running this blog with a number of posts that have proved to be quite popular, as well as a year of tweeting as the Nix Tran Stories on Twitter. 

I also added more blogs to my blogroll as I came across more writers. One recent discovery is Maren Feller’s Word Matters. Two of her extremely interesting and highly accessible articles are listed below.

Others have also been ‘Posts of the Day’ twice: Simon Berrill, another writer whose style makes for a pleasurable read; Steve Vitek, who is so prolific and so spot on most of the time that he’s become a regular inclusion; Claire Cox, one of my favourite bloggers, who gives very sensible advice; and the Jenner twins, Judy and Dagmar, with their thoughts on professional attitudes and how to behave online.

If you speak Spanish, then Scheherezade Suria’s post of helpful links should prove useful, and Leon Hunter added to his informative and lengthy series called Manual de traducción jurada. The debate has also continued about rates and PEMT (post editing of machine translation).

Towards the end of the month I managed to escape the horrors of rewiring our new Victorian home to spend a few days in a cottage in Kent before flying off to Madrid to attend METM14. The conference, held in El Escorial, was an amazing full-on event that was well worth the trip. I’m already planning to attend the next one.

31/10/2014 Tarifas: el autónomo que se convierte en agencia mala by Alessandra Vita (In Love With Words)

30/10/2014 How to Decrease the Amount of Bullshit on the Internet by David Cain (Raptitude)

29/10/2014 How to get a good translation – five top tips by Maren Feller (Word Matters) (post no longer available)

28/10/2014 Networking Etiquette for the Modern Freelancer by Justine Clay (Freelancers Union) (post no longer available)

27/10/2014 Insurance Matters for Freelance Translators – Are you covered? by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

26/10/2014 12-step guide on how to live-tweet an event by Susannah Vila (Socialbrite)

25/10/2014 La caja de herramientas del traductor (I). Recursos lexicograficos by Scheherezade Suria (En la luna de Babel)

24/10/2014 Detective work: Six proofreading secrets by Maren Feller (Word Matters) (post no longer available)

23/10/2014 Please Don’t Shoot The Translator, She Is Doing Her Best by Steve Vitek (Diary of a Mad Patent Translator)

22/10/2014 5 Ways to Prevent Business Burnout by Amy Harrison (Copyblogger)

21/10/2014 Work with clients you like by Sara Colombo 

19/10/2014 The Freelance Juggling Act by Corinne McKay (The Savvy Newcomer)

18/10/2014 To work more or to live more: that is the question by Caroline Devitt (Not Going with the Flow)

16/10/2014 What to say when you need a deadline extension by Kate Hamill (Freelancers Union) (post no longer available)

15/10/2014 The Humility Factor by Judy and Dagmar Jenner (Translation Times)

14/10/2014 Professional Suicide by Judy and Dagmar Jenner (Translation Times)

12/10/2014 Seven days of gratitude, day one: the teachers by Kevin Lossner (Translation Tribulations)

11/10/2014 Maybe it’s Time to Make Friends with Spanglish by A Matilsky (NAJIT Blog)

10/10/2014 The Proper Way for Doing Everything, Including Translation by Steve Vitek (Diary of a Mad Patent Translator)

09/10/2014 Sophistication in Simplicity: The Writer’s Da Vinci Code by Steve Maurer (Uberflip Blog)

08/10/2014 Don’t make a drama out of a crisis by Simon Berrill (SJB Translations)

07/10/2014 The Premium, the Bulk and the PEMT by Nikki Graham (My Words for a Change)

06/10/2014 Workshop review: ‘The Translation Business Profession and its Future’ by Nicola Y. Adams (Translation Means Business) (post no longer available)

05/10/2014 Per-word vs Flat Rates: Which One Makes Freelance Translators More Money? by Maryam Kosar Abdi (Translators Academy) (post no longer available)

04/10/2014 Intrinsic/extrinsic motivation dichotomy by Andrew Morris (Standing Out)

02/10/2014 Passion or Work? by Simon Berrill (SJB Translations)

01/10/2014 The Obvious, Not So Obvious, and Subtle Reasons Why Machine-Pseudo Translation and Other Issues Hurt Translators (A Profession Increasingly Cornered) by Aurora Humarán

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