Business-related Courses for Translators (Reviews)

Several colleagues have kindly reviewed business courses they have taken for this blog. Unfortunately, some of the courses below are no longer available. You’ll find the ones I’m currently aware of on the Business-related Courses page of the Links & Tips for Translators & Interpreters section.

Translation-related courses are listed on another page on the above-mentioned Links & Tips section . You’ll also find some more details and reviews here.

Reviews of workshops are included on the Conferences & Other Translation Events page. There are also several separate pages for MA courses.

  1. Review of The Freelance Box by Julia Graham (course no longer available)
  2. The A to Z of Freelance Translation by Sylvia Laas (course no longer available)
  3. The Business School for Translators: five weeks of straightforward, practical business tips by Helen Oclee-Brown (course no longer available)
  4. Beyond the Basics. A review of Corinne McKay’s Beyond the Basics of Freelancing course by Elizabeth Garrison
  5. To freelance or not to freelance? That is the question SUFT helps you answer by Stephen Dugdale

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay