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This Links, Tips & Resources page lists all the permanent pages on this blog seeking to provide you with information and resources to help you improve your skills as a translator and/or interpreter and to find more and better clients.

Please read A Word of Caution about Using the Resource Pages before you start exploring the links.

Abbreviations, Acronyms & Initialisms

A list of mostly Spanish and English abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms divided into two sections (A-M and N-Z). Also available as a downloadable file.

Bite-sized Tips

‘Bite-sized Tips’ is a series of posts on errors I’ve noticed in my editing work. It focuses on grammar, spelling, false friends and punctuation rules.


A list of nearly 400 translation and interpreting blogs with a smattering of copywriting, grammar and editing blogs as well.

Books on Translation & Interpreting

Links to over 100 books on translation and interpreting, and also style, editing, proofreading and copywriting.

Downloadable Files

Here you can download four purchase orders (translation; revision; editing; and localisation) and four ES>EN terminology files (abbreviations, acronyms & initialisms; adjectives & adverbs; linking words; and verbs & nouns).

Links & Tips for Translators & Interpreters

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Book Clubs

Business-related Courses

Coaching & Consulting


Copywriting, Writing, Proofreading & Editing Courses

Health & Safety

Interesting Articles for Translators & Interpreters


Podcasts & YouTube Channels



Translation-related Courses



Useful Links & Resources for Translators & Interpreters

This category is divided into the following sections:

General dictionaries & glossaries

Subject-specific dictionaries & glossaries

Writing-related resources

Translation-related tools & links

Other links of interest

Links are generally listed in alphabetical order in the sections and they are provided for information purposes only. Under no circumstances should they be understood as a personal recommendation.

The Links, Tips & Resources pages are constantly being improved, expanded and updated, so please come back another time. If you have any comments or recommendations, please contact me.

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