Posts of the Day – February 2015

Cottage6Despite originally hoping and promising on Twitter to continue the Posts of the Day until the end of April, unfortunately we are a third of the way through March already, no posts of the day have materialised so far this month, and I’m only just managing to find time to publish the February list of my favourite articles. Sadly this is a sign that this feature of my blog needs to come to an end for a while. As much as I enjoy reading colleagues’ thoughts and opinions, and will continue to do so and share on Twitter and Google+, finding a post of the day for every day of every month is a time-consuming task and one I can realistically no longer fit into my busy schedule. I have my eye on a number of courses I would like to complete within the next 18 months to improve my profile and my skills, and I need to finish the one I have already signed up for very soon before the deadline catches up with me. Several ideas for posts of my own are also clamouring for attention and a few hours to polish them off.

I hope you have enjoyed this feature on my blog and that it has helped you discover new and interesting articles and authors. Don’t forget to look at my blogroll to find many more than the ones listed below. 

All that remains for me to say is thank you to everyone who has been listed in the Posts of the Day for writing such a diverse range of helpful articles, and to all the people that have dropped by this blog for reading and sharing.

28/02/2015 Should we leave branding to the cows? by Rob Prior (Fuzzy Matches Blog) (post no longer available)

27/02/2015 Show and tell: Google Analytics Made Easy by Else Gellinek (Sprachrausch)

26/02/2015 Nobody Knows What The Hell They Are Doing by Oliver Burkeman (99U)

25/02/2015 On translation tests and why we don’t believe in them by Alina Cincan (Inbox Translation)

24/02/2015 My (layman’s) take on CAT tools: Wordfast Classic vs. Trados Studio 2014 by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

23/02/2015 Goodwill – just another word for “customer service” or is there more to it? by Allison Klein (ABK Translations)

22/02/2015 The assertive translator and the deadline debate by Jenny Whiteley (Lakeside Linguist’s Blog)

21/02/2015 The importance of being intentional by Corinne McKay (Thoughts on Translation)

20/02/2015 Adding Value to your Translation and Editing Services by Andrew Bell (The Cycling Translator) (post no longer available)

19/02/2015 How should interpreters set their fees? by Tony Rosado (The Professional Interpreter)

18/01/2015 Writing an article about translation for an industry publication by Percy Balemans (Translating is an Art)

17/02/2015 When the Knights of Low-End Translation Defend the Indefensible by Paula Arturo (Translator’s Digest) (post no longer available)

16/02/2015 Breaking Bad…Business Partnerships by Jo Rourke (Silver Tongue Translations) (post no longer available)

15/02/2015 LinkedIn invitations: a tale of ice-breaking and first impressions by Anne Diamantidis (Alexandria Library) (post no longer available)

14/02/2015 Raising the Bar by Martin Boyd (Diálogos)

13/02/2015 Fracasar como traductor en Internet en 5 pasos by Traducciones Agora (post no longer available)

12/02/2015 How to become a freelance copywriter by Tom Albrighton (ABC Copywriting)

11/02/2015 Copyright “Rustling” in English-Language Translation: How Translators Keep (and Lose) Rights to Their Work by Wendell Ricketts (Proven Write)

10/02/2015 Post-Processing of Machine Translations, the New Money Maker of “the Translation Industry” by Steve Vitek (Diary of a Mad Patent Translator)

09/02/2015 Guest information that Hotels Should Translate (but Often Overlook) by Alina Cincan (Inbox Translation)

08/02/2015 10 ways to generate publicity for your freelance translation business by Tess Whitty (The Pillar Box)

07/02/2015 10 of the Most Controversial Productivity tools that Actually Work by Leo Widrich (Buffer)

06/02/2015 5 reasons why your website translation doesn’t work by Dorota Pawlak (Beyond the Words)

05/02/2015 Visible translators – a new business model by Karen Andrews (On the Bridge)

04/02/2015 A Tale of Two Agencies by Marie Brotnov (Translation Wordshop)

03/02/2015 To ask or not to ask – that is the question by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

02/02/2015 Guest Post: Blogging for Translators by Else Gellinek (Carol’s Adventures in Translation)

01/02/2015 Tell me a story about your job as a translator in six words by Marta Stelmaszak (Business School for Translators)

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