Group Translation Chats

Group Translation Chats (GTC) is a Facebook group of translators and interpreters who like chatting via Zoom. We meet once a month for a hosted session moderated by a volunteer on a specific translation-related topic. You’ll find links to summaries of some of the topics we’ve discussed in the list below.

Besides the monthly formal session, we also schedule drop-in coffee-break chats twice a week on Monday mornings and Friday lunchtimes.

Our aim is to provide a space where colleagues can talk freely, support each other and share knowledge in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

You can read how the group started in The Group Translation Chats Story. And if you’d like to join us, click on the link above.

  1. The Group Translation Chats Story
  2. Is it worth it for you to do an MA in Translation Studies guest post by Gwenydd Jones
  3. What should and what shouldn’t we change when revising a colleague’s translation?
  4. Do translations only have to be good enough?
  5. Teamwork: the pros and cons of being a lone wolf or a pack animal
  6. CPD: What is it? Why should I do it? Which should I do?
  7. Fees or Rates? A Discussion on Translation Prices