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Below are the names of some translation colleagues that provide consulting and/or coaching services.

Please bear in mind that being listed here or on any of the Links & Tips pages does not equate to an endorsement, especially as I’ve not personally used any of these services. You might find it useful to read ‘A Word of Caution about Using the Resource Pages’ before you start exploring the links.

Valeria Aliperta can provide you with advice on branding, your website and your social media presence in general. She is based in the UK.

Christelle Maignan provides coaching for translators on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group following an online course called Developing a Success Mindset. For her explanation on the differences between coaching, mentoring and consulting, please read this post.

Nancy Matis offers online consulting services, primarily for issues relating to project and business management. She is based in Belgium.

Corinne McKay offers consulting services for translators. She is based in the US.

Jenae Spry provides some group coaching every Friday as part of her Success by Rx system. She is based in the US.

Tess Whitty, based in the US, offers help with marketing, websites, CVs and covering letters.

Madalena Zampaulo, based in the US, provides tips on how to attract more customers, improve your website and your marketing, become more productive or to add a new income stream. She tailors all sessions to your needs.

Links are generally listed in alphabetical order in the sections and they are provided for information purposes only. Under no circumstances should they be understood as a personal recommendation.

The Links & Tips pages are constantly being improved, expanded and updated, so please come back another time. If you have any comments or recommendations, please contact me.

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