Languages, techniques, styles, tools and equipment are constantly evolving. That’s why CPD (continuing professional development) is important for all professions, and mine is no exception. I try to keep abreast of the latest developments in the translation world, fill in gaps in my knowledge and hone my skills.

CPD comes in several forms: studying online or classroom-based courses; attending workshops and seminars; going to conferences; reading books, articles and blogs; listening to webinars, podcasts, etc.

I also meet with some colleagues every week to talk about some of our past translations. We analyse the texts, make suggestions on how they can be improved and discuss the finer points of grammar, punctuation and terminology. The two formats I’m involved in are a RevClub (Spanish to English) and an Edit Club. The main difference between them is that in the RevClub we also look at the source, whereas in the Edit Club we only look at the target as all four of us have different language combinations (French, German, Italian and Spanish into English).

Below is a list of the more “formal” CPD I have undertaken in recent years with links where appropriate. Dates refer to when I did the CPD, and not, for example, when the webinar was first broadcast if I didn’t attend it live.

(Image by Walter Frehner from Pixabay)


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  • Translation Theory for Practitioners by Janet Fraser (eCPD Webinars) – June 2011
  • Revising Translations – How to offer a Professional Service (eCPD Webinars) – September 2011


  • Revision and Editing for Translators by Sarah Bawa-Mason (eCPD Webinars) – April 2012


  • LinkedIn® profile optimization for freelance translators (The Alexandria Library) – January 2013
  • Technical Writing for into English Translators by Karen Tkacyzk (eCPD Webinars) – March 2013
  • ES-EN Translation Workshop (eCPD Webinars) – March 2013
  • Writing for the Web by Marian Dougan (eCPD Webinars) – March 2013
  • LinkedIn® Winning Strategies for Freelance Translators (The Alexandria Library) – March 2013
  • IAPTI International Conference (London) – October 2013







  • LiveDocs in memoQ (Webinar by memoQ)- January 2019
  • What we need in our translation careers right now (Group Translation Chats) – January 2019
  • Bon appétit! Translating gastronomy – some case studies by Miranda Stewart (eCPD Webinars) – January 2019
  • Quality assurance; Dragon Naturally Speaking; memoQ hosted by myself (Group Translation Chats) – February 2019
  • Who’s afraid of transcreation by Bill Maslen (ITI SpanNet webinar) – March 2019
  • BP17 Translation Conference Videos – March 2019
  • Spring Workshop (ITI SpanNet, London) – March 2019
  • Machine translation hosted by Jenny Zonneveld (Group Translation Chats) – April 2019
  • Reports on recent conferences hosted by Jenny Zonneveld (Group Translation Chats) – May 2019
  • Continuous professional development hosted by Lucy Evans Brooks (Group Translation Chats) – June 2019
  • Websites hosted by Allison Wright (Group Translation Chats) – August 2019
  • Better Together, so Let’s Connect (PEM Webinar) hosted by the Panhellenic Association of Translators, I was the speaker – September 2019
  • Ethical and sustainable marketing hosted by Nicole König (Group Translation Chats) – September 2019
  • Copywriting hosted by Andrea Bernard (Group Translation Chats) – October 2019
  • VAT and UK’s relationship with other countries in the EU hosted by Lucy Evans Brooks (Group Translation Chats) – November 2019
  • Mental health, wellbeing and life/work balance hosted by Sarah Bowyer (Group Translation Chats) – December 2019