Languages, techniques, styles, tools and equipment are constantly evolving. That’s why CPD (continuing professional development) is important for all professions, and mine is no exception. I try to keep abreast of the latest developments in the translation world, fill in gaps in my knowledge and hone my skills.

CPD comes in several forms: studying online or classroom-based courses; attending workshops and seminars; going to conferences; reading books, articles and blogs; listening to webinars, etc.

In addition, I meet with some colleagues every week to discuss our translations by analysing the texts we’ve produced and how they can be improved. The two formats I’m involved in are a RevClub (Spanish to English) and an Edit Club. The main difference between them is that in the RevClub we also look at the source, whereas in the Edit Club we only look at the target as all four of us have different language combinations (French, German, Italian and Spanish into English).

Below is a list of the more “formal” CPD I have undertaken in recent years with links where appropriate. Dates refer to when I did the CPD, and not, for example, when the webinar was first broadcast if I didn’t attend it live.

(Image by Walter Frehner from Pixabay)

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