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It isn’t always easy in our hectic modern lives to find time to study a course or even watch webinars. But you don’t have to miss out entirely. Here’s a list of podcasts and YouTube channels you can listen to while exercising, cooking, cleaning the house or relaxing in the sunshine.

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Last updated August 2020

Name in maroon = Chinese; red = English; purple = French; green = Spanish; orange = Portuguese


YouTube channel run by the Asociación de Traducción yAadaptación Audiovisual de España (ATRAE). Besides a few short interviews, their feed now contains chats in Spanish on aspects of audiovisual translation called ‘Las quedadas de ATRAE’.


Hosted by Dolores Guinazu, an English-to-Spanish translator specialising in marketing and creative content. As the podcast’s name suggests, the episode conversations focus on encouraging a positive mindset to achieve goals. Depending on who Dolores interviews, episodes are in English or Spanish.

BP Translation Conference

YouTube channel of this popular yearly conference run by Csaba Bán. Short clips of past conference presentations can help you decide whether to buy access to the complete videos.

Delfina Morganti Hernández

YouTube channel run by a creative translator based in Argentina. Her videos and interviews are on marketing, advertising and literary translation, and marketing tips for translators in either Spanish or English.

Don de Lenguas

Podcast in Spanish produced by the teaching staff and students of the Faculty of Translation at the University of Salamanca.

El idioma del cine

As the name suggests, this YouTube channel, run by the audiovisual and video-game translator Judit Jiménez Cuenca, is mostly about films. There are, however, several videos on translation, which Judit has helpfully placed in a separate category.

En Clair

En Clair is a podcast by Dr Claire Hardaker of Lancaster University. In the 15 episodes in season one, she discusses forensic linguistic cases, literary detection and language mysteries. She also looks at linguistic myths and legends, codes, cryptography and undeciphered languages. You can listen on several platforms.

En Pantuflas

Podcast in Spanish hosted by Paola and Marina. They focus on current issues in the translation industry and interview successful translators and interpreters to get their tips.


YouTube channel in Spanish of the official radio programme produced by the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Fiat Lex: A Dictionary Podcast

The lexicographers Kory Stamper and Steve Kleinedler talk everything dictionaries for 12 episodes.

FLD Continuing Education Series

Hosted by the French Division of the ATA. The podcast focuses on French-English translation.

Freelance Translator Tips

YouTube channel run by Robert Gebhardt.

Globally Speaking Radio

Hosted by Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens.

Laura Traducción

YouTube channel in Spanish run by Laura López where she uploads the videos of her live Instagram interviews.

Le cercle des traducteurs

Most of the episodes of this podcast are in French. They are hosted by the Swiss translator Xenia Schwaller.

Marketing Tips for Translators

Tess Whitty interviews established translators to discover their marketing secrets.


The YouTube channel of the popular CAT tool memoQ.

Radio Lingvistika

Run by the DGT Academy (DGT = EU’s Directorate-General for Translation), the conversations in this podcast focus on multilingualism and linguistic issues. Conversations are in English or French.

ROAR – Voices from the l10n industry

ROAR is a podcast by the Translation and Localization Management programme of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

SDL Trados

The YouTube channel of the most used CAT tool in the translation sector.


The above link takes you to Slator’s YouTube channel. Besides some short interviews with SlatorCon attendees and highlights of Slator’s conferences, the channel also has its podcast videos. SlatorPod, hosted by Florian Faes and Esther Bond, is also available on Spotify and Apple.

Smart Habits for Translators

Podcast hosted by the professional translators Veronika Demichelis and Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo. They talk about simple strategies translators can apply to help them build their career and improve their lifestyle.

Speaking of Translation

Podcast by Corinne McKay and Eve Bodeux. Corinne and Eve discuss a variety of translation-related topics and sometimes interview guests.

TED Podcasts

The above link takes you to a list of TED podcasts, including one in Spanish and another in Chinese. Other options are: TED Talks Daily; The TED Interview with Chris Anderson talking to the world’s most interesting people; TEDx Shorts, another daily podcast showcasing the best ideas presented by TEDx speakers in under 10 minutes; and a few more.

TED Talks

As the tagline says, TED presents ideas that are worth spreading. I find that the best way to enjoy TED Talks is to subscribe and refine your interests. Talks are often inspiring and always informative.

The ATA Podcast

Host Matt Baird interviews people so you can learn more about how the ATA works.

The Editing Podcast

Hosted by Denise Cowle and Louise Harnby, who are both editors and advanced professional members of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

The International Buzz Podcast

by Wordbee.

The Localization Podcast

YouTube channel run by Andrej Zito, who interviews localisation experts and looks at some localisation software and productivity tools.

The Translation Show

Despite it’s name, this is a YouTube chat show in Spanish run by the audiovisual translators Rafael López Sánchez (in Spain) and Damián Santilli (Argentina).

Tools & Technology in Translation

Run by Rafa Lombardino, in these videos she talks about her experience as a translator and provides her insights and tips. Available on YouTube with English audio and Portuguese subtitles.

TradTalk Podcast

Caroline Alberoni interviews a variety of colleagues on camera in Portuguese.

Traducción Jurídica

YouTube channel in Spanish run by the translators Fernando Cuñado de Castro and Ruth Gámez González on their speciality, legal translation.

Traductores al Aire

A radio programme in Spanish with some episodes in English run by translators based in Argentina for translators everywhere. Hosted by Delfina Morganti Hernández, Silvina Celle, Martín Chamorro and Fernando Gorena. The episodes are also available on their YouTube channel.


Traduversia is run by Pablo Muñoz Sánchez (translator of video games, mobile apps, marketing, software and websites) and Rafael López Sánchez (audiovisual translator and localisation specialist). Their YouTube channel contains webinars, tutorials, interviews and short chats with advice on specific topics. They also have a podcast.

Trágora Form@ción

#HangoutsTrágora is the YouTube channel of this translation and interpreting school. The same content is also available as a podcast.

Translation Confessional

A podcast by Rafa Lombardino in which she focuses on a side of our profession that we often neglect to talk about: challenges, difficulties, imposter syndrome, etc. Also available on YouTube.

Translation Project Management (TPM)

YouTube channel run by Nancy Matis.

Translator City Radio

A podcast hosted by the ZingWord team.

Translators On Air

Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova interview colleagues about various aspects of our profession. You can listen to the audio (the link above takes you to the list of previous podcasts so you can enjoy them at your leisure) or watch the videos on YouTube.

Troublesome Terps

Broadcast hosted by the interpreters Jonathan Downie, Alexander Dreschel, Alexander Gansmeier and Sarah Hickey. The hosts either chat themselves about a topic (usually interpreting related) or interview a guest. Humour guaranteed!


YouTube channel of the Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference. The playlist contains many webinars in English.

Else Gellinek has listed some other podcasts that colleagues may find of interest in her blog post: Show and Tell: Podcasts to Listen to.

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