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I’ve been prompted to write this page because a number of translators have sent me unsolicited emails with attached CVs asking for work.

Tranix Translation and Editing Services is run by Nikki Graham, a translator of Spanish (Spain) into English (UK). I also provide a revision service for texts translated from ES to EN to check accuracy and fluency and editing of documents written directly into English by native and non-native speakers.

Tranix Translation and Editing Services is not an agency. Although I sometimes outsource work to colleagues, I only ever ask them to translate from Spanish into English (and I then personally revise their work) or I get them to revise my own translations (and I then check their changes). I don’t work with any other language pairs, so please don’t send me emails with your CVs asking for work because I have none to offer. When I do outsource, I generally hire people I know personally and/or ITI qualified translators.

To sum up:

  1. Don’t ask me for work.
  2. Don’t send me your CV.
  3. Any emails you send me will be deleted unread.

Please be aware that it is intensely annoying for recipients to receive unsolicited emails asking for work when they are not agencies and do not regularly outsource. I recommend you spend some time researching the people you want to send emails to because:

  1. If they are freelancers like me, they are unlikely to have work to offer you.
  2. If they don’t work with your language pair, they are unlikely to have work to offer you.
  3. You should address them by name if possible and not: Dear colleague, Dear Sir/Madam, etc.

If someone has given you my email address because they claim I’d be a good person to contact for work, then you have been misled. I’d also be grateful if you could inform me so I can take steps to rectify the situation.

Thank you for your understanding and good luck with finding work and your translation career.

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