Translation-related Tools & Links

The fourth section of useful links and resources for translators and interpreters mostly covers tools, links and resources to help us with our translation and interpreting businesses.

The section also includes lists of providers of courses we can take to improve our specialisms and there is a terminology category at the end of the page.

The 15 categories in this section are:

CAT Tools & Translation Environments /  

Email Service Providers / GDPR / Interpreting / Machine Translation /

Miscellaneous / Money Management & Invoicing / MOOCs /

Other Course Providers Printing (Business Cards) /

Productivity, Project & Time Management / Search Engines /

Social Media / Speech Recognition & Text-to-Speech Software /


The other four sections of useful links and resources for translators and interpreters on separate pages are:

general dictionaries and glossaries

subject-specific dictionaries and glossaries

writing-related resources

other links of interest

Last updated May 2021

CAT Tools & Translation Environments

  1. Déjà Vu by Atril
  2. Fluency by Western Standard
  3. KantanMT
  4. Lilt
  5. MateCat
  6. memoQ
  7. Memsource
  8. Mojito automation platform for continuous localisation
  9. Okapi Framework
  10. OmegaT
  11. SDL Trados
  12. Slate
  13. Smartcat
  14. Swordfish Translation Editor
  15. Transit NXT
  16. Translate5 open-source translation, review and post-editing system
  17. Wordfast
  18. Zanata web-based translation platform

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Email Service Providers

  1. FastMail
  2. Mailbox
  3. Posteo
  4. ProtonMail


  1. Cookiebot
  2. GDPR Glossary of Key Terms from High Speed Training
  3. Ghostery helps you monitor and control trackers on websites
  4. Have I Been Pwned check whether your personal data has been compromised by a data breach
  5. ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office
  6. Identity Leak Checker sends a report of all breaches related to your email
  7. Webbkoll

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  1. Interpreter’s Help glossary and assignment management
  2. ORCIT Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training (European Commission)
  3. Political Speeches compiled by Wake Forest University
  4. Speechpool speeches to help interpreters practise
  5. Speech Repository for interpretation. A bank of speeches provided by the European Commission

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Machine Translation

  1. Bing Microsoft Translator
  2. DeepL Translator
  3. EU Council Presidency Translator
  4. Google Translate
  5. Image Translate
  6. Moses statistical MT system
  7. MyMemory
  8. SYSTRAN Translate


  1. CodeZapper removes unwanted tags from Word documents before processing in a CAT (€20)
  2. Dropbox Transfer for sending large files. Free up to 100 MB.
  3. Easy Word Count for counting words and characters
  4. HTTrack Website Copier for extracting website content (free)
  5. I Love PDF PDF converters, plus merge, split, compress, edit, watermark, unlock, repair, etc.
  6. LF Aligner for creating TMs from texts and translations (free download)
  7. LibreOffice free open-source office suite
  8. Mouse Without Borders for controlling up to 4 computers with one mouse and keyboard
  9. PDF Converter free online converter (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, etc. to PDF and vice versa)
  10. Ratatype learn touch typing
  11. TextExpander for inserting snippets of text from emails, boilerplate and other content
  12. Translation Commons knowledge-sharing, free tools, resources and community initiatives
  13. TransTools removes tags from Word docs before using CATs and has other tools (also for Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCAD)
  14. WeTransfer for sending large files

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Money Management & Invoicing

  1. Calculadora Freelance work out how much you should charge per hour (in Spanish)
  2. Check Your State Pension provided by GOV.UK
  3. FeeWizard Online for converting rates from one calculation method to another by Alessandra Muzzi
  4. FreeAgent accounting software for small businesses and freelancers (cost from £19/month)
  5. Infoautónomos quarterly and annual tax obligation management (cost from €29.99/month)
  6. KashFlow accounting software (free 14-day trial; cost from £7 + VAT/month)
  7. for translation job management, invoicing, creating quotes, outsourcing, supplier and client management and expenses tracking (free 30-day trial; cost from €9/month)
  9. National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) UK Government’s pension provider open to self-employed
  10. Pension Tracing Service provided by GOV.UK
  11. Pensions European Commission’s information page on pensions
  12. Pensions Advisory Service for the self-employed
  13. PractiCount & Invoice word and line counting and invoicing program (free 15-day trial; cost from $59.95)
  14. Refinery29 Money Diaries
  15. Revolut digital banking alternative providing a mobile-based current account
  16. TransferWise cheaper international transfers; hold and manage money in over 40 currencies; own bank details for five currencies
  17. Translation Office 3000 translation management system (free 30-day trial; cost from €79)
  18. Xero accounting software and online bookkeeping (free 15-day trial; cost from £9/month)
  19. You Need A Budget (YNAB) software to help you manage your money (free 34-day trial; cost: $5/month or $50/year)

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MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

  1. Canvas Network
  2. Class Central MOOC search engine
  3. Coursera
  4. edX
  5. FUN.MOOC courses in French
  6. FutureLearn
  7. Harvard Online Learning
  8. Khan Academy
  9. MIT OpenCourseWare (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  10. MOOC list
  11. NovoEd
  12. Open Colleges (Australia)
  13. Open2Study
  14. OpenLearn The Open University (UK)
  15. Udacity

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Other Course Providers

  1. Skillshare
  2. The Open University
  3. Udemy


  1. Moo for business cards, flyers, greeting cards, etc.
  2. for business cards, flyers, greeting cards, etc.
  3. Vistaprint for business cards, flyers, greeting cards, etc.

Productivity, Project & Time Management

  1. Acuity free basic appointment scheduler
  2. Asana for teams to track their work (basic is free; premium $9.99 per month)
  3. BaccS project management software for translators available in several languages ($75)
  4. BeLazy monitors jobs in clients’ translation portals & creates them in your management system
  5. Best Productivity Apps and Tools Open Colleges
  6. Bloglovin’ tool for managing blog feeds
  7. Calendly for scheduling meetings
  8. Clockify free time tracker for teams
  9. Doodle for deciding on dates, places. etc., using polls
  10. Pomodoro, countdown, etc.
  11. Evernote for collecting and sharing ideas
  12. Focus Booster time tracker for productivity with pomodoro timer (free 30-day trial; cost from $3/month)
  13. Getting Things Done a method to help you gain control of your life
  14. Insightly CRM and project management (free option)
  15. KanbanFlow project management with real-time team collaboration & Pomodoro time tracking (free option)
  16. for translation job management, invoicing, creating quotes, outsourcing, supplier and client management and expenses tracking (free 30-day trial; cost from €9/month)
  17. Marinara Timer Pomodoro, custom timer, kitchen timer
  18. MindReader for Outlook email assistance (free 10-day trial)
  19. Podio customisable work management (cost from $9/month)
  20. Remember the Milk to-do app for busy people (pro version costs $39.99/year)
  21. RescueTime time management tracker app (free and premium versions)
  22. Slack team messaging and collaboration hub (free option)
  23. Timesheet by LlamaLab for tracking work time and documenting projects
  24. Todoist (basic app is free; premium £27.99 per person)
  25. Toggl time tracker (free 30-day trial; cost from $10/month)
  26. Tomato Timer Pomodoro
  27. Trello project management app
  28. helps clean inbox by identifying subscription emails
  29. Zoho operating system for business (free option)

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Search Engines

  1. AOL Search
  3. Bing
  4. Blog Search Engine
  5. BoardReader search engine for discussion forums and bulletin boards
  6. Dogpile metasearch engine
  7. DuckDuckGo keeps your search history private
  8. Ecosia the profit Ecosia makes from searches is used to plant trees where needed most
  9. fyyd podcast search engine
  10. Good Gopher search engine for independent news and information
  11. Google
  12. Listen Notes podcast search engine
  13. Musipedia the Open Music Encyclopedia
  14. Omgili for discussions, news stories and blog posts
  15. PDF Search Engine
  16. Picsearch searchable index of images
  17. Pipl people search engine
  18. PPT Search Engine for searching PowerPoint presentations
  19. StartPage Google search results with complete privacy protection
  20. TinEye reverse image search
  21. Yahoo

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Social Media

  1. Buffer for sharing on social media
  2. HashAtIt trending hashtag search engine
  3. Hashtagify hashtag tracking tool
  4. Hootsuite social media management dashboard
  5. KeePass password generator and manager
  6. LastPass password generator and manager
  7. RiteTag hashtag suggestions based on real-time hashtag engagement
  8. Sumo social share buttons and website traffic tools (free version; pro version from $29 per month)
  9. TweetDeck for managing Twitter accounts
  10. free website builder
  11. WordPress for creating websites and blogs

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Speech Recognition & Text-to-Speech Software

  1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition & text-to-speech software
  2. Natural Reader free text-to-speech reader
  3. TextAloud text-to-speech software for Windows


  1. Dictionary and Reference Board on
  2. IntelliWebSearch searches in search engines, online dictionaries & encyclopedias (two-month free trial; cost from €25 for 12 months)
  3. Olifant helps create and maintain translation memories (TMs)
  4. Tb-Scout v2.0 search engine for exploring, extracting and exporting data from SDL MultiTerm termbases
  5. TermiFactor extracts EN>ES terminology from tmx files to produce an Excel glossary
  6. TerminoTrad includes Lazyterm, Translation Memories, Serendipity and much more by Roger McKeon
  7. Xbench quality assurance and terminology tool compatible with many CAT tools.

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Images by: 1) Gerd Altmann; 2) Pete Linforth; 3) Bruno /Germany; 4) romanakr; 5) Pixaline, all from Pixabay

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