Posts of the Day – June 2014

Flowers4The results of the Language Lovers competition, organised by Lexiophiles and, came out in June. Congratulations to all the winners, many of whose articles have already featured as a post of the day. However,  a lot of my favourite blogs didn’t even make it to the nomination stage, something I’m planning on rectifying next year. These include Translation Wordshop by Marie Brotnov and Lines from a Linguist by Claire Cox. They both appear twice in this month’s list and had posts included in the May list as well.

The other articles below are all ones in my blogroll (now containing well over 150 entries) that caught my attention whilst outside in the garden the roses started to bloom and our best strawberries ever filled our dessert bowls (just in time for Wimbledon). I’ll soon be swapping my small but adored patch of land for a much larger plot with far more potential to grow fruit and vegetables. But I’ll really miss this place I have spent the past seven years turning into a haven for birds, bees and butterflies, and which has attracted a fair number of other creatures too, hopping and scurrying about in search of food. Let’s hope the future holds good things for us all.

30/06/2014 Cuando los insultos cambian de idioma: Pulp Fiction by Andrea Peñalver Albendea (La Traducción más allá de las Palabras)

29/06/2014 Specialisation series: How I got where I am today: Fay Abernethy by Karen Rückert (Translator Mentoring)

28/06/2014 Business skills for translators: online courses by Else Gellinek (Sprachrausch) (post no longer available)

27/06/2014 Top 10 clichés that make me throw up, 2014 by Suzan St Maur (How to Write Better)

26/06/2014 Know What You’re Worth (and Work It) by Marie Brotnov (Translation Wordshop)

25/06/2014 6 Steps for Writing Simple Copy that Sells by Aaron Orendorff (Copyblogger)

24/06/2014 Translation companies – Let’s hear it from the good guys! by Catherine Christaki (Adventures in Freelance Translation)

23/06/2014 What’s Your Policy? by Katie Lane (Work made for Hire)

22/06/2014 What is the Value of an Editor? by Molly McCowan (Inklings)

21/06/2014 Translations that sing by Ros Schwartz (The Pillar Box)  (post no longer available)

20/06/2014 Getting the most out of industry events by Lucia Leszinsky (Translator T.O.)

19/06/2014 Las tarifas de traducción que te mereces by Davinia Albert (Translation Boutique)

18/06/2014 On dinosaurs and dragons – why change is a Very Good Thing by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

17/06/2014 Translating websites for humans, not for search engines by Percy Balemans (Translating is an Art)

16/06/2014 Localisation of tourism content: why and how to do it by Dorota Pawlak (Beyond the Words)

15/06/2014 What Makes Google Tick? by Liam Curley (post no longer available)

14/06/2014 Moving away from the source… by Alison Hughes (Chatter and Verse)

13/06/2014 It’s Not About You – Pitching to Clients by Marie Brotnov (Translation Wordshop)

12/06/2014 Siete claves para afrontar con éxito tu primer encargo de traducción by Rafael López Sánchez (Jugando @ Traducir)

11/06/2014 Improving your translation sales pitch by Liam Curley (guest post on Lingua Greca)

10/06/2014 How to write an effective e-mail for a translation agency by Gwenydd Jones (Translator’s Studio) (post no longer available)

09/06/2014 Translators as writers by Nick Rosenthal (The Pillar Box)  (post no longer available)

08/06/2014 How to set up an ergonomic home office and kiss back pain goodbye by Moira Monney (The Successful Linguist) (post no longer available)

07/06/2014 Taming the Dragon by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

06/06/2014 8 ways I deal with complaints and criticisms about my work by Gwenydd Jones (Letraduct Blog) (post no longer available)

05/06/2014 15 FREE Tools for Translators (and Not Only) that You Might Not Know You Need by Inbox Translation (Closer wor(l)ds)

04/06/2014 12 traps newbie translators fall into (Part 1/3) by Rose Newell (The Translator’s Teacup)

03/06/2014 Take a scalpel to your marketing materials… by Corinne McKay (Thoughts on Translation)

02/06/2014 Macro/Micro: On Yoga & Translation by Terena Bell (In Every Language)

01/06/2014 Eddie Izzard, in Translation by Alison Kroulek (K International)

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