Interesting Articles for Translators & Interpreters

1557501_10202947257020762_895164918_nThe blogosphere is teeming with advice for translators and interpreters, both new and old alike. Naturally, the same subjects come round again and again as different bloggers give their particular slant on how we should be going about our business.

But in this crowded space, with countless writers vying for attention, some posts stand out more than others. Perhaps because their advice is spot on, or the clever way they’ve been written, or both. They deserve to reach a wider audience rather than slip into obscurity after just a few weeks. That’s why I’ve collated this list of posts. Some are specifically targeted at newcomers to the profession and others are ones I think everyone would benefit from reading.

The articles cover a range of topics, which I’ve divided into some broad categories. You’ll find that some opinions contradict others. That’s because no single path leads to success and colleagues’ experiences vary depending on their language pairs, specialisms and markets.

Where these categories overlap with ones I have on this blog, I’ve made the heading blue and clickable so you can read more on the topic.

Please feel free to suggest other posts I could add. Thank you!

Last updated 25 July 2022

Art of Translation

An android translation process by Simon Berrill (Only Human Translators on SJB Translations)

Changing the system by Simon Berrill (Only Human Translators on SJB Translations)

Faithful to what? Accuracy “vs” clarity in translation by Oliver Lawrence (Incisive)

On Hard Skills by Paula Arturo (guest post for Caroline Alberoni’s blog Carol’s Adventures in Translation)

Seven Super Skills: Progressing in Translation by Joseph Lambert (reblogged on The Savvy Newcomer – ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting)

Translate meanings, not words by Tim Gutteridge

Translating: is there method in the madness? by Joseph Lambert (Jaltranslation)

Translator queries: more than just questions by Tim Gutteridge

What makes a good translation? by Dr Andrew Hodges

CAT Tools

CAT Tools and Translation Style by Riccardo Schiaffino (About Translation)

CAT Tools Comparative Review by Francesco Pugliano (Localization in Silicon Valley)

Get creative with technology by Percy Balemans (Translating is an Art)

My (layman’s) take on CAT tools: Wordfast Classic vs Trados Studio 2014 by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

SDL Trados Studio and Déjà Vu: side by side by Emma Goldsmith (Signs & Symptoms of Translation)

SDL Trados Studio and memoQ: side by side by Emma Goldsmith (Signs & Symptoms of Translation)

The usefulness of CAT tools by Percy Balemans (Translating is an Art)

What’s a CAT tool? What’s a TM? by Emma Goldsmith (Signs & Symptoms of Translation)

Why bother with term bases, glossaries and style guides? by Oleg Semerikov (guest post for Adventures in Technical Translation on Lingua Greca)


Dealing with Complaints

Negative Translation Feedback – What an Opportunity! by Dennis Brown (PacTranz)

Smile… your text has been rejected! by Katia Sabathianaki (for the PEEMPIP Blog)

When a client is dissatisfied by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Editing, Proofreading, Revision and Review

Better Together by Simon Berrill (Only Human Translators on SJB Translations)

Copy Edit This! Quizzes by The New York Times

A Crash Course in Proofreading Translations by Martin Boyd (Diálogos)

A lucrative sideline: editing for non-native speakers by Karen Tkaczyk (guest post for Corinne McKay’s Thoughts on Translation)

Five good practices for revising translations by Jenny Zonneveld (for the SENSE blog)

Getting clear: rewriting v. editing v. proofreading by Patricia Lane (Intercultural Zone)

Good translators don’t translate alone by Rose Newell (The Translator’s Teacup)

Minimalism in translation revision by Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler (Translation and Minimalism)

On reviewing other people’s translations and having my own reviewed by others by Nora Torres (A Translator Thinking Outside the Box)

PDF proofreading – essential first-step checks by Louise Harnby

The Proofreader’s Corner: Untangling Proofreading by Louise Harnby

Proofreading, Editing, Revising: What’s the Difference? by Else Gellinek (Sprachrausch Blog)

Quality control in translation by Dr Andrew Godfrey

Revise that! by Allison Wright (That elusive pair of jeans)

Revision workshop with Sue Young by Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler (Translation and Minimalism)

SfEP proofreading training by Dr Andrew Godfrey

Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well by Kate Sotejeff-Wilson (Ridge Writing Retreats)

Translation quality assurance by Tetiana Vasylenko (AceProof Translation Quality Blog)

What do editors need to know? by Kate Sotejeff-Wilson (Ridge Writing Retreats)

When is your translation finished? by Ofer Tirosh (Tomedes)

“Why do I need an editor? I already have a translator!” Should translated texts need to be edited? by Avi Staiman (EASE – European Association of Science Editors)

Why pairing up is a good idea, especially for freelance translators! by Branco van der Werf (for The Savvy Newcomer – ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting)

Your simple guide to the three types of translation review by PacTranz (Pacific International Translations)

Educating Clients

Educating the “Uneducated Client” by Christelle Maginot (guest post for Adventures in Technical Translation on Lingua Greca)

Finding and Keeping Clients

7 Ways to Make Your Translation Clients Love You by Carlos Djomo (cdlancer blog)

10 secrets to a successful collaboration with translation agencies by Gwenydd Jones (Translator’s Studio)

Advice for a new translator on job hunting by Jill Sommer (Musings from an overworked translator)

“Agencies won’t pay my rates and I can’t find direct clients”: what to do? by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Attending the right client events by Timothy Barton (AngloPremier Professional Translation Services)

Bait and Switch in the Translation Profession by Rose Newell (Finely Selected Words)

Breaking up with a client: how and when to cut the cord by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Client Satisfaction Surveys for Freelance Translators by Michael Farrell (for The ATA Chronicle)

Creative Destruction Engulfs the Translation Industry: Move Upmarket Now or Risk Becoming Obsolete by Kevin Hendzel (Word Prisms)

Hidden Customers by Simon Berrill (Only Human Translators on SJB Translations)

How to be the favorite freelance translator of your localization project manager by Agnes Kmilcsik (LinkedIn)

How to get hired (and hired again): advice for linguists by Hanna Golota (Globalme)

In Defense of Working with Translation Agencies by Ted R. Wozniak

Insider tips for working with individual clients by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Manners maketh the translator – client relations or how not to do it by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

Saying no nicely by Simon Berrill (Only Human Translators on SJB Translations)

Spider Marketing: How to Get Clients to Come to You by Simon Berrill (for The ATA Chronicle)

Top 6 Tips on How to Work With Translation Agencies by Karen Hodgson (Translation Journal)

Ultimate List of Places to Find Translation Work Online by Simon Akhrameev

General Advice

5 Things You Need to Know before Starting Work as a Translator/Interpreter by Alina Cincan (Closer Wor(l)ds by Inbox Translation)

6-Step Strategy to Translators’ Visibility by Carlos Djomo (guest post for Adventures in Technical Translation on Lingua Greca)

9 Mistakes Freelance Translators Should Avoid by Levent Yildizgoren (TTC wetranslate)

10 worst mistakes I made as a freelancer by Olga Arakelyan (Your Professional Translator)

12 traps newbie translators fall into (Part 1/3) by Rose Newell (The Translator’s Teacup)

12 traps newbie translators fall into (Part 2/3) by Rose Newell (The Translator’s Teacup)

48 Short Pieces of Advice for Translators and Interpreters by Judy Jenner (guest post for Adventures in Technical Translation on Lingua Greca)

53 Freelancing mistakes that are costing you clients, cash and credibility by Samar Owais (guest post for Copyblogger)

Advice and Information for Prospective Translators: A Compilation of Articles Gleaned from the Internet by Dr. Leland D. Wright, Jr. on behalf of NOTA (Northeast Ohio Translators Association)

Advice for New Translators [Expert Round Up] collated by Annie Pagano for Interpreters and Translators, Inc.

Bad Advice for Novice Skydivers: “Learn As You Go” by Kevin Hendzel (Word Prisms)

Eight Unusual Tips for Newcomers by Steven Marzuola (for The Savvy Newcomer – ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting)

Greatest Women in Translation: Nicole Y. Adams by Caroline Alberoni (Carol’s Adventures in Translation)

Chris Durban and the Chamber of Secrets by Maria Leridi (PEEMPIP Blog)

Getting started in freelance translation: what we wish we’d known by Oleg Semerikov (guest post for Adventures in Technical Translation on Lingua Greca)

Newbies, clients will not knock on your door nor fall on your laps by Caroline Alberoni (Carol’s Adventures in Translation)

Questions to Ask Before You Accept a Translation Project by Jamie Hartz (for The Savvy Newcomer – ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting)

Starting Out as a Freelance Translator by Joseph Lambert (Jaltranslation)

The Skills that Differentiate the World’s Best Translators by Nataly Kelly (Born to be Global)

Top 10 Tips for New Freelance Translators by Jennifer Lee (Translator’s Thoughts)

Translation Terms for Beginners by Emily Rossi (Globalme)

Translators on… by Lloyd Bingham (several contributors’ thoughts collated on the Capital Translations Blog)

What to ask your client before starting a translation by Oleg Semerikov (reblogged on The Savvy Newcomer – ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting)

Machine Translation

How translators can assess post-editing MT opportunities by Kirti Vashee (eMpTy Pages)

Machine translation: Cause or solution of all evils? by Federico Gaspari (guest post for Translator T.O. on

Machine Translation. From the Cold War to Deep Learning by Vasily Zubarev (guest post for Nora Torres’s A Translator Thinking Outside the Box)

Post-editing: Blessing or curse for translators? by Federico Gaspari (guest post for Translator T.O. on

What does the Future Hold for Translators by Christelle Maignan (Coaching for Translators)


A month of LinkedIn Premium: the results by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Basic and magnetic marketing tools for your freelance translation or interpretation business by Tess Whitty (Marketing Tips for Translators)

Cold Emailing: What Not To Do by Martin Boyd (Diálogos)

Corinne McKay’s ‘Marketing to Direct Clients’ Course – a Review by Claire Harmer (The Deep End)

Things to Avoid When Marketing Your Translation Service by Chiara Grassilli (Translator’s Thoughts)

Translator’s Guide to On-Page SEO by Sherif Abuzid (guest post for Adventures in Technical Translation on Lingua Greca)


Exchange of Ideas Fuschia Hutton and Oliver Lawrence (for CIOL’s The Linguist)

Mentoring for Freelancers: Beneficial at all Levels by Karen Rückert (for The ATA Chronicle)

Starting out in translation? Find a mentor! by Maria Karra (sciword)

Translation Commons: A Community for Language Professionals by Jeannette Stewart (for The ATA Chronicle)


Mastermind groups and how they can benefit translators by Jane Eggers (guest post on Karen Rückert’s blog Translator Mentoring Blog)

Networking by Alison Hughes (guest post for Caroline Alberoni’s blog Carol’s Adventures in Translation)

Tips for Networking When You Work from Home by Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo (for The ATA Chronicle)

Posts Clients Should Read

12 myths busted to help you buy a quality translation by Gwenydd Jones (Translator’s Studio)

Back to Basics: 5 things to ask yourself before buying translation services by Natalie Soper (Bellingua)


Charging for Translations Jobs by Joanna Scudamore-Trezek (German Translation Tips & Resources)

Counting the hours by Simon Berrill (Only Human Translators on SJB Translations)

Free price calculation spreadsheets for freelance translators by Rose Newell (The Translator’s Teacup)

Freelance Translator’s Fair Pay Rates and Income Calculator by Dennis Brown (PacTranz – Pacific International Translations)

How to increase your day rates as a freelance copywriter by Leif Kendall (ProCopywriters)

Pricing for Translators by Dimitra Stafilia (for the PEEMPIP Blog)

Revisiting the “Poverty Cult” 20 Years On by Neil Inglis (for The ATA Chronicle)

Secrets of six-figure translators by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Sub-optimal rates: “better than nothing,” or not? by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Tips for setting your translation rates for professional translators by Popie Matsouka (PEEMPIP)

To break out of the low-rate market, change these three things by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Translator survival guide to profitable PDF pricing by Gwenydd Jones (Translator’s Studio)

What is the “right rate” for your translation services? by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Productivity and Time Management

Managing your time as a freelancer can be quite challenging at times when you are bombarded with emails, have a heavy workload and other non-work-related activities vie for your attention.

Boosting Your Productivity as a Translator by Transpanish

Why multiple screens can help you translate faster by Dorota Pawlak

Professional Associations


How do you get from a language degree to being a professional translator? by Gwenydd Jones (Translator’s Studio)

How to become an accredited translator to get more work by Gwenydd Jones (Translator’s Studio)

Quality Control

Quality control in translation by Dr Andrew Godfrey


Translations Scams: Tips for Avoiding them and Protecting Your Identity by Carola F Berger  (guest post for Adventures in Technical Translation on Lingua Greca)

Social Media

Getting Started with Twitter for Freelance Translators by Simon Akhrameev (Successful Freelance Translator)

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Translators by Chiara Grassilli (Translator’s Thoughts)


Is fashion translation a good fit for you? by Lucy Williams for Gwenydd Jones’s Blog (Translator’s Studio)

Four Strategies on Specialising in Legal Translation by Lucie Davioud (guest post for Lloyd Bingham’s Capital Translations Blog)

Specialization in Translation – Myths and Realities by Charles Martin (Translation Journal)

The Premium Translation Market: Hiding in Plain Sight by Kirti Vashee (eMpTy Pages)

Translation Specializations by One Hour Translation

Technical Translation

Savvy Technical Translators: What do They Have that You Need? by Karen Tkaczyk (for The Savvy Newcomer – ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting)


Corpus Analysis Techniques by Sandra Young (Deep End Blog)

Laptop Buying Guide for Translators by Mehdi Adlany (Mehdi Translates)

Professional-Quality Translation at Light Speed: Why Voice Recognition May Well be the Most Disruptive Translation Technology You’ve Never Heard of by Kevin Hendzel (Word Prisms)

Taming the Dragon by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

Using Corpora in Translation by Sandra Young (Deep End Blog)

Transcreation and Writing Skills

25 Ways to Boost Your Writing Skills by Saga Briggs (informED by Open Colleges)

How to Spice Up Your Translation by Percy Balemans (for The ATA Chronicle)

Plain language and translation by Joanna Richardson  (guest post for Caroline Alberoni’s blog Carol’s Adventures in Translation)

The serial comma – all you need to know by Oliver Lawrence (Incisive)

Translation vs. Transcreation by Matthew Stibbe (guest post on Articulate inbound content marketing blog)

The Whys and Hows of Translation Style Guides. A Case Study by Francesca Airaghi (FA Traduzioni)

When translation is not enough: Transcreation as a convention-defying practice. A practitioner’s perspective by Claudia Benetello

Work–Life Balance

Blue Light and Sleep – Better Sleep to Boost Productivity by Andrew Carter (Healthy Freelancers)

Can working fewer hours make you a better translator? by Louise Taylor from Tomedes  (guest post for Adventures in Technical Translation on Lingua Greca)

How to Use a Standing Desk – Reap the Maximum Health Benefits by Andrew Carter (Healthy Freelancers)

Juggling work and caring responsibilities – top tips for freelancers by Ofer Tirosh (Tomedes)

Some work/life balance observations by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

Stand Up Computer Desk – Understanding all the negative feedback by Andrew Carter (Healthy Freelancers)

Staying active as a freelancer by Andrew Bell (Bell Johnson Translations)

Video: Karen Tkaczyk’s sit/stand desk by Corinne McKay (Training for Translators)

What is a Standing Desk Mat and What’s the Point by Andrew Carter (Healthy Freelancers)

Work & life balance has everything to do with your rates by Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz (Gos Talks)

Zero waste freelancing – why, what and how? by Fuschia Hutton

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19 thoughts on “Interesting Articles for Translators & Interpreters

  1. Thanks so much for including my post (especially since I still consider myself a “new” translator)! This is quite a comprehensive list – I’m definitely going to bookmark it and work my way through!

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  2. Hi Nikki! A nice tutorial for every translator! Thank you! I want to share something. Today newbie translators are left alone in a busy world of the translation industry. Most of them don’t know how to start, because nobody gave lectures on how to start. This is an amazing post that will help them make first steps. And it seems to me it is very important if a translator would see and develop additional skills and knowledge (how to promote services online, how to create a website, how to implement essential tools for productivity etc). And the best way to do that could be to follow successful freelance translators from around the world on Facebook.


    1. Hi Hanna, I’m glad you like the page. I decided to produce this page of articles and the ‘Links & Tips for New Translators’ when I was asked for advice by a newcomer. I thought it would be more useful if I made the information available to everyone and I don’t always have time to stop what I’m doing to answer people’s lengthy questions.
      I agree that it is helpful to follow colleagues on Facebook and also join some translation-related groups.


  3. Wow! This is a great article for new translators. Thanks for all the hard work, Nikki. I’m sure it took you a lot of time to find all these articles. As a freelance translator, I can only thank you for all the good recommendations.

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