Bite-sized Tips

1512306_10202947253620677_1105273221_nBelow is a clickable list of all the posts in the Bite-sized Tips series. If you’d like to find out more about why I spend time on this type of post, please read: ‘Why All the Fuss about Spellings and Style Guides?’

  1. Common Mistakes in Papers for Publication Part 1 (some punctuation basics)
  2. Spellings Part 1 – One Word or Two?
  3. Spellings Part 2 – Ten You Should Know
  4. Spellings Part 3 – Some You Might Not Know (mishmash & some UK/US differences)
  5. Spanish Place Names (how to write them in English)
  6. Common Mistakes in Papers for Publication Part 2 (data is or data are?)
  7. Spellings Part 4 – One Word
  8. Spellings Part 5 – Mostly Points & Hyphens
  9. Spellings Part 6 – Hyphenated
  10. Spellings Part 7 – Two Words
  11. Spellings Part 8 – Only One Word
  12. Spellings Part 9 – All One Word Again
  13. Spellings Part 10 – By the Sea
  14. Spellings Part 11 – Fighting the Spellcheckers
  15. Spellings Part 12 – Pesky Hyphens
  16. Times (Is is a.m. or am? What does 12.00 a.m. mean? And more)
  17. Spellings Part 13 – Some that might trip you up
  18. Spellings Part 14 – Some Tricky Ones
  19. Spellings Part 15 – Another Ten
  20. Watch out for the Dragon (spelling and punctuation problems with using DNS)
  21. Spellings Part 16 – Getting Trickier Every Time
  22. Spellings Part 17 – The Dragon Agrees (10 spellings DNS gets right)
  23. Spellings Part 18 – Disagreements with the Dragon (10 things DNS gets wrong)
  24. Quotation Marks or Italics
  25. False Friends on Hotel Websites
  26. Common Mistakes in Papers for Publication Part 3 – Numbers (1) general, decades and centuries
  27. Common Mistakes in Papers for Publication Part 4 – Numbers (2) dates and currencies
  28. Common Mistakes in Papers for Publication Part 5 – Numbers (3) percentages, mathematical symbols and footnotes

14 thoughts on “Bite-sized Tips

  1. Thanks for the tips. I teach a course in translation and interpretation and am always on the lookout for ideas for translators, that is, to help support my content in class. Several of these tips have been discussed in class. Keep them coming!

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