This page contains an alphabetical list of translation, interpreting and copywriting conferences held regularly.

Although it does not provide an updated schedule of events, clicking the links will take you to the conference website, which should provide details of either the forthcoming or most recent past event.

Some organisations allow you to pay to view previous conference sessions or they provide them for free on YouTube.

ATA Annual Conference

This event organised by the American Translators Association lasts for four days and it is held in a different US city every year.

BP Translation Conference

The BP (Business and Practice) conference is organised by Csaba Ban in the spring every year. As the name suggests, the tracks focus on both aspects of the translation profession. The BP Video Library contains videos of past BP translation conferences.

I attended the BP conference in Budapest in 2014. You can read my review of this conference and also the highlights of the videos I watched of the 2016 conference.

CIOL Conference

Organised by the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Copywriting Conference

CopyCon is organised by ProCopywriters, the alliance of commercial writers.

I attended the online 2020 CopyCon with some other members of the Group Translation Chats (GTC). We talked about one of the themes of this conference, perfection, and how it applies to translation in a hosted chat session and you can read a summary of our discussion.

The Creative Language Conference

Organised by the boutique linguist collective Crisol Translation Services, this conference (CLConf) is for translators, copywriters and anyone else interested in creative language.

ELIA Together

Organised by the European Language Industry Association, the ELIA Together annual conferences represent an opportunity for freelancers to meet language service companies.

FIT World Congress

This event, organised by the International Federation of Translators, is held every three years.

The ITI Conference

The ITI conference, organised by the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting, is held in the spring every two years. It usually lasts two days and includes plenty of networking opportunities.

Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting

METM is held every year, usually in the autumn. METMs are usually held over one and a half days with workshops on the morning of the first day of the conference and the day before. METM networking opportunities, known as off-METM, are organised around specific themes and ae very popular.

I attended the 2014 METM at El Escorial and I wrote about my experience in this post.


The US-based National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators holds an annual conference.


SENSE (the society for English-language professionals in the Netherlands) holds a conference every two years and organises a professional development day (PDD) in the years when there is no conference.

The Translation and Localization Conference

TLC was established in Poland in 2012. For its 2020 and 2021 online events, it has partnered with Konferencja tłumaczy as KTLC Online.

Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference

UTICamp is an event with a difference as it’s more like a week-long camping festival than a normal conference. Camping is not compulsory as accommodation is also available in a nearby hotel.

There’s even a possibility of attending remotely.

The YouTube channel of the Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference is UTICamp. The playlist contains many webinars in English.

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