Conferences & Other Translation Events (Reviews)

Conferences and other translation events are a great way of learning more about our industry, picking up some useful ideas and information on translation-related products and practices, and, of course, meeting colleagues and potential clients.

If you cannot attend conferences for whatever reason, there are other ways to network. Translation associations and/or university language departments usually hold one-day or half-day events, such as workshops or translation slams, that might be easier for colleagues to fit into their schedule and budget.

Below you can find links to my reviews of some of the conferences and other translation events I and guest posters have attended, as well as other related posts.

  1. IAPTI Conference Twitter Storm
  2. Friendship and Laughter: Review of the BP14 Conference
  3. Wicked METM14 Gathering
  4. Help! Everyone’s at a conference except me (or how to still get a dose of CPD)
  5. Review of Christelle Maignan’s ‘Interactive Time Management’ Workshop by Ruth Bond
  6. Review of Advanced Subtitling Course at CenTraS
  7. Let’s Get Slamming
  8. Fancy a Chat?
  9. Let’s Get Chatting!
  10. Bump up your CPD with BP translation conference videos
  11. The Group Translation Chats Story

Image by Stefano Ferrario from Pixabay

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