Posts of the Day – September 2014

QP1Bloggers were writing fast and furiously in September after the summer holidays with many focusing their attention on the differences between the premium and bulk market, rates and whether complaining (ranting) about our lot can ever achieve anything productive. It’s even become a tad too heated at times, which is extremely unfortunate and far from edifying for our profession. You’ll find a number of these posts below as they all provide food for thought on the complex issues currently affecting the industry. I’ve tried to sum up some of my own thoughts on all the above in my post The Premium, the Bulk and the PEMT.

The list also includes some more lighthearted articles that I found interesting (the ones on Hello Kitty and Taco Bell spring to mind), Catherine Cellier-Smart’s rather more serious post Is our job killing us?, which is a must-read (she writes as she adjusts her posture!), and a link to a list of TED talks on languages. If you’ve never watched a TED talk, I would encourage you to do so. Generally they’re never very long, the speakers are usually engaging, and they’ll certainly get those brain cells whirring with ideas that have probably never crossed your mind before.

29/09/2014 Strategies to advance our profession by Nicole Y. Adams (The Pillar Box)  (post no longer available)

28/09/2014 What your translation business deserves by Allison Wright (That elusive pair of jeans)

27/09/2014 Confessions of an American MpT User at #iapti2014 by Kevin Lossner (Translation Tribulations)

26/09/2014 Freelance success: luck, hard work or a combination of the two? by Corinne McKay (Thoughts on Translation)

25/09/2014 Light before heavy by Steve Dyson (Translating Technical Journalism)

24/09/2014 Letting a machine translate your hotel website? Think again by Malgo Porzezynska (travelNatives)

23/09/2014 ¿Cuántas palabras traduces al día? by Merche García Lledó (Traducir&Co)

22/09/2014 Monday smile – A conference by any other name by Phil Ward (From Words to Deeds)

21/09/2014 Why So Many Translators Hate Translation Technology by Nataly Kelly (Huffington Post)

20/09/2014 Is our job killing us? by Catherine Cellier-Smart (A Smart Translator’s Reunion)

19/09/2014 The difference between editing and proofreading by Belinda Pollard (Small Blue Dog Publishing)

18/09/2014 List of TED Talks on Languages (LingoHub)

17/09/2014 Three steps to achieve stress-free work-life balance when working from home by Mariette Jansen (SfEP Blog)

16/09/2014 Empty nest – but isn’t this the best job in the world? by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

15/09/2014 Chris Durban and the Chamber of Secrets by Maria Leridi (PEEMPIP)

14/09/2014 Lost in Paradise by Catharine Cellier-Smart (A Smart Translator’s Reunion)

12/09/2014 Hello Kitty Cat Like Person … Or Translation Error? by Libor Safar (Moravia)

11/08/2014 The Translation Market – Is It Really Understood? by Kirti Vashee (eMpTy Pages)

10/09/2014 We can’t tell you how much we will pay you unless you first sign four agreements by Steve Vitek (Diary of a Mad Patent Translator)

09/09/2014 Como ha cambiado el sector 2.0 de la traducción en los últimos 2 años by Merche García Lledó (Traducir&Co)

08/09/2014 Customer-centred is the way to go by Steve Dyson (Translating Technical Journalism)

06/09/2014 Shouting and moaning about bad clients: productive or not? by Corinne McKay (Thoughts on Translation)

05/09/2014 On payment in advance by Charlie Bavington (A Pragmatic Eye)

04/09/2014 Transcreation vs. Marketing Translation? How to Choose the Right Approach by Lee Densmer (Moravia)

02/09/2014 The Rate Rant by Sébastien Devogele (Alexandria Blog)  (post no longer available)

01/09/2014 Specializing: a ticket to the high end of the profession? (Part Two) by David Jemielity (The Pillar Box) (post no longer available)

Posts of the Day – August 2014

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