Posts of the Day – May 2014

Flowers5May was quite a busy month for me one way or another. It kicked off with the conference in Budapest, which Alison Hughes summed up so succinctly in her poem (see below). Once I got back, in-between work and trying to find a new house to buy, I managed to find time to finish off the blogroll I had begun some weeks earlier. Well, I thought it was pretty complete with nearly 100 blogs included in it, but only a week or so later the total was nearing 150. Whilst the list has proved pretty popular, it also got me wondering how I, or anyone else for that matter, would ever be able to digest so many blogs and how I could keep a record of my favourites to come back to easily. That is how the “Post of the Day” started.

I’ve cheated this month since this idea is only a recent development, so some of the posts featured at the beginning of May actually date back to last year. They might be oldies, but they’re definitely goodies.

31/05/2014 Top 5 free tools to measure your marketing efforts by Dorota Pawlak (Beyond the Words)

30/05/2014 Everyone’s Watching. A Few Thoughts on Online Professional Behavior by Allison Klein (ABK Translations)

29/05/2014 Will you help me flip it? by Claudia Brauer (Brauer Training) (post no longer available)

28/05/2014 Food for thought: what if agencies were more transparent? by Corinne McKay (Thoughts on Translation)

27/05/2014 Don’t blog, just write by Karen Tkaczyk (guest post on The Pillar Box)  (post no longer available)

26/05/2014 Translators and references – a sticky wicket? by Allison Klein (ABK Translations)

25/05/2014 Setting a Low Rate and Sticking to it is not Exactly a Business Plan by Steve Vitek (Diary of a Mad Patent Translator)

24/05/2014 Trust – the most important component of a sound working relationship – is absent in the large translation agency model by Steve Vitek (Diary of a Mad Patent Translator)

23/05/2014 Overwhelming Cheapness by Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz (Gos Talks)

22/05/2014 Customer satisfaction surveys-are they worth it? {guest-post} by Emeline Jamoul (Untangled Translations)

21/05/2014 Do you ever feel like a fraud? by Carolyn Yohn (Untangled Translations)

20/02/2014 Why are translation prices so different? Is €0.14 expensive? by LocalVersion (post no longer available)

19/05/2014 A Crash Course in Proofreading Translations by Martin Boyd (Diálogos)

18/05/2014 BP14 – the poem by Alison Hughes (Chatter and Verse)

17/05/2014 Networking: business essential or extravagant extra? by Claire Cox

16/05/2014 Non-Trivial Translation Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz (Gos Talks)

15/05/2014 Reclaiming our Voice by Marie Brotnov (Translation Wordshop)

14/05/2014 Minimum charges – should you / shouldn’t you? by Claire Cox

13/05/2014 Upcoming Translation Events in 2014 by LingoIO (post no longer available)

12/05/2014 Nice or nasty? Which translators finish first? by Paul Sulzberger with Luigi Muzii

11/05/2014 Translators and social media: less is sometimes more by Anne Diamantidis (The Stinging Nettle)  (post no longer available)

10/05/2014 Mistakes were made: Lillian Clementi on the passive voice {guest post} (Untangled Translations)

09/05/2014 Ten Common Myths about Translation Quality by Nataly Kelly

08/05/2014 Zombie Contracts: Translators Beware by Rose Newell with Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz (The Translator’s Teacup)

07/05/2014 My favourite proofreading tips by Scott Bury (Guild of Dreams)

06/05/2014 4 Ways to Simplify Your Blog Posts by Andy Hollandbeck

05/05/2014 What’s wrong with the passive voice? by Tom Freeman (The Stroppy Editor)

04/05/2014 Proofreading, editing, revising: whats the difference? by Else Gellinek (Sprachrausch Blog)

03/05/2014 Dip Trans and MITI exams: side by side by Emma Goldsmith (Signs & Symptoms of Translation)

02/05/2014 Proofreading Explained by Robert Doran (guest post on Catherine, Caffeinated) (post no longer available)

01/05/2014 Three Lessons: Humility, Collaboration, Perseverance by Kevin Hendzel (Word Prisms)

Posts of the Day – June 2014

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