Posts Clients Should Read

My Words for a Change is primarily a site for my fellow translation colleagues with many pages dedicated to providing help, pointers and links to improve both their business and their craft.

But there’s also lots of content that people needing translation services will find interesting and useful.

One of the most popular topics clients want to know about is whether they can save money by getting their texts machine translated instead of paying for a human translation. There’s an entire section on MT and MTPE (machine translation post-editing) with half a dozen posts (some also available in Spanish and French) explaining what MT is and why post-editing is not usually a good idea. I also explain why it’s worth waiting for a professional to translate your text rather than relying on a faster machine in this post (which is also available in Spanish).

Other posts that clients should read are listed below:

  1. What’s the Difference between Translation and Transcription? by Danilo from Espresso Translations