Professional Master’s Studies, Programme “Translation” – University of Latvia, Faculty of Humanities, Riga

Language combinations: English-Latvian, English-French-Latvian, German-Latvian, English-Latvian-Russian

This MA programme primarily prepares students to work as professional translators in EU institutions, but also in trade and industry, government departments and agencies, scientific institutions and the media. In this programme, students acquire translation skills by covering a wide variety of subjects, such as economics and business, law and politics, science and technology and translation theory and CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools.

The programme is divided into four semesters: three for training and translation practice. The last is for writing the MA paper.

The programme is a member of the European Masters in Translation (EMT) Network.

Duration: two years (full-time)

Disclaimer: I try to update the MA pages as often as I can. However, some of the information about available courses and their content may no longer be valid. Neither is this an exhaustive list of all the translation and/or interpreting master’s degrees on offer in the country.

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