Working with Agencies

Desk2Below is a handy list for blog visitors interested in posts on working with translation agencies.


  1. Time to Get Real on CAT tools, discounts and silly deadlines (Spanish version: Hora de abrir los ojos)
  2. Good Agency Wish List (Spanish version: Las virtudes de una buena agencia)
  3. Pay special attention to this translation or else (Spanish version: Presta especial atención a esta traducción o de lo contrario…)
  4. The Premium, the Bulk and the PEMT (Spanish version: De traducciones premium, al por mayor y postedición)
  5. Client Circles (Spanish version: Círculos de clientes)
  6. 18 reasons why an agency might stop working with you (Spanish version: 18 razones por las que una agencia puede dejar de trabajar contigo)
  7. Thirteenish reasons why you might stop working for an agency (Spanish version: 13 razones (más o menos) por las que podrías dejar de trabajar con una agencia)
  8. Let’s Talk Money
  9. When should we apply extra charges to translation projects? by Nancy Matis
  10. A few words about using another’s translation for repeat texts
  11. My ideal purchase order: pipe dream or reality?
  12. Purchase Order Checklist
  13. Lump it and Like it
  14. The Thorny Subject of Revisions
  15.  22 more reasons why an agency might stop working with you
  16. What I learned in August (on premium vs bulk translators)
  17. Revision Survey Results – Part 1 – Why and Why Not?
  18. Revision Survey Results – Part 2 – Rates
  19. Revision Survey Results – Part 3 – Quality and Satisfaction
  20. Revision Survey Results – Part 4 – Revision Training 
  21. Revision Survey Results – Part 5 – The Final Comments
  22. Fifteen more reasons why you might stop working for an agency

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