Working with Agencies

Desk2Below is a handy list for blog visitors interested in posts on working with translation agencies.


  1. Time to Get Real on CAT tools, discounts and silly deadlines (Spanish version: Hora de abrir los ojos)
  2. Good Agency Wish List (Spanish version: Las virtudes de una buena agencia)
  3. Pay special attention to this translation or else (Spanish version: Presta especial atención a esta traducción o de lo contrario…)
  4. The Premium, the Bulk and the PEMT (Spanish version: De traducciones premium, al por mayor y postedición)
  5. Client Circles (Spanish version: Círculos de clientes)
  6. 18 reasons why an agency might stop working with you (Spanish version: 18 razones por las que una agencia puede dejar de trabajar contigo)
  7. Thirteenish reasons why you might stop working for an agency (Spanish version: 13 razones (más o menos) por las que podrías dejar de trabajar con una agencia)
  8. Let’s Talk Money
  9. When should we apply extra charges to translation projects? by Nancy Matis
  10. A few words about using another’s translation for repeat texts
  11. My ideal purchase order: pipe dream or reality?
  12. Purchase Order Checklist
  13. Lump it and Like it
  14. The Thorny Subject of Revisions (French version: La révision : un sujet épineux)
  15.  22 more reasons why an agency might stop working with you (French version: 22 nouvelles raisons pour lesquelles une agence peut cesser de faire appel à vous)
  16. What I learned in August (on premium vs bulk translators)
  17. Revision Survey Results – Part 1 – Why and Why Not?
  18. Revision Survey Results – Part 2 – Rates
  19. Revision Survey Results – Part 3 – Quality and Satisfaction
  20. Revision Survey Results – Part 4 – Revision Training 
  21. Revision Survey Results – Part 5 – The Final Comments
  22. Fifteen more reasons why you might stop working for an agency

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