Subject-specific Dictionaries & Glossaries

This second section of useful links includes the following subject-specific dictionary and glossary categories:

Art, Business & Trade, 

Construction & Architecture,

Copywriting & Publishing, Education, Environment & Earth Science,

Fashion & TextilesFinance, Food & Agriculture, Health & Medical

Humanities and Social Sciences,

Information and Communications Technology

Insurance & Real EstateLegalRail, Renewable Energy

Sport, Technical, Tourism & Travel, Translation Studies and Wine

The other four sections are: general dictionaries and glossaries; writing-related resources; translation-related tools and links; and other links of interest.

Last updated April 2020


  1. Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online The Getty Research Institute
  2. Art and Popular Culture Encyclopaedia
  3. Art in Translation translated articles on Taylor & Francis Online
  4. CAMEO Conservation & Art Materials Encyclopedia Online – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  5. Europeana EU web portal containing digitalised museum collections of over 3,000 European institutions
  6. Getty Search Gateway
  7. Glosario Gráfico es-ca-en-fr-it-pt
  8. Google Cultural Institute
  9. MetPublications The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  10. MoMA Art Terms Museum of Modern Art, New York
  11. MoMA Exhibition History Museum of Modern Art, New York
  12. MoMA The Collection Museum of Modern Art, New York
  13. WikiArt the encyclopedia of painting

Business & Trade

  1. Business Dictionary
  2. Glossary of Trade Terms by Strong & Herd

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Construction & Architecture

  1. About Dams The British Dam Society
  2. Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online The Getty Research Instit
  3. Carreteros detailed info on roads in Spanish
  4. Construpedia includes ca-es-en dictionary
  5. Diccionario de Arquitectura y Construcción
  6. Dictionary of Military Architecture
  7. Glosario para Ingenieros Civiles es-en
  8. Infomine Mining dictionary, several languages
  9. Mortar and ETICS Dictionary several languages
  10. Paving Expert A Guide to Paving, Drainage & Hard-Landscaping
  11. Términos de Carreteras es only

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Copywriting & Publishing

  1. 140 Key Copyediting Terms and What They Mean by ThoughtCo.
  2. A Handy Author Glossary of publishing and marketing terms by Shelf Help
  3. AWAI’s Ultimate Glossary of Copywriting Terms and Direct-Response Definitions
  4. Publishing Glossary by The Editorial Department
  5. Publishing Glossary by WritersServices


  1. Glosario de Educación Física
  2. Glosario de Pedagogía
  3. The Glossary of Education Reform Great Schools Partnership (US)

Environment & Earth Science

  1. Climate Change Glossary ca-gl-es-en-it-fr-ro-pt
  2. Earth and Environment Glossaries
  3. GEMET Thesaurus General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus
  4. Geology Dictionary and Earth Science Terms and Definitions
  5. Glosario de Geología RACEFN
  6. Glosario de GreenFacts es-en/fr
  7. Orchid Species Glossary site compiled by Jay Pfahl
  8. Partial Glossary of Spanish Geological Terms by US Department of the Interior
  9. Soil Mechanics
  10. Vocabulario Forestal gl-es-en
  11. World Reference Base for Soil Resources

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Fashion & Textiles

  1. Fabric Dictionary
  2. Glossary of Pattern Design by Artlandia
  3. Stofflexikon
  4. The Vogue Fashion Glossary A-Z


  1. Deloitte’s IAS Plus website
  2. Diccionario Económico es only
  3. Dictionary of Banking (UBS) en-de-fr-it
  4. Financial Times Lexicon
  5. Glossary of Economics and Trade (Babel Linguistics Inc) en-es
  6. Glossary of IFRS Terms Wiley Online Library
  7. Glossary of Stock Market Terms (Nasdaq)
  8. IFRS Glossary International Financial Reporting Standards
  9. IMF (International Monetary Fund) glossaries: en and ar, de, es, fr, ja, pt, ru, zh
  10. Investopedia en only
  11. LinguaFin multilingual financial termbase (subscription only)
  12. Money Terms: investment & finance explained
  13. World Bank Glossary en-es, es-en (PDF)
  14. World Bank Glossary en-fr, fr-en (PDF)

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Food & Agriculture

  1. The Cook’s Thesaurus cooking encyclopedia
  2. Diccionario Culinario
  3. Dictionary of dressings and sauces
  4. EFSA Glossary European Food Safety Authority
  5. FAO Term Portal Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  6. Food Glossary Foods and Wines from Spain

Health & Medical

  1. AccessMedicine subscription-based medical content
  2. Common Medical Abbreviations and Acronymns List
  3. Cosnautas Resources for medical translators and writers, including several dictionaries
  4. Diccionario de Términos de Salud Español Inglés edited by Liliana Osorio
  5. Dictionary of Health Related Terms English-Spanish edited by Liliana Osorio
  6. English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms California-Mexico Health Initiative
  7. Glosario de COVID-19 (EN-ES) provided by TRÉMEDICA
  8. MedTerms Medical Dictionary
  9. Wordscope Health

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Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Glosario de Psicología
  2. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  3. Oxford Classical Dictionary (subscription required)
  4. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  5. Términos Estadísticos

Information and Communications Technology

  1. Microsoft Terminology Search multiple languages
  2. Technopedia technology dictionary (comprehensive computer dictionary)
  3. Terminology of Telecommunications including links to other useful resources
  4. Webopedia online computer and Internet terms dictionary
  5. IT encyclopedia

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Insurance & Real Estate

  1. Diccionario Mapfre de Seguros es-en
  2. Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms
  3. Lloyd’s Glossary of insurance-related terms
  4. Real Estate Glossary


  1. Definición Legal
  2. Enciclopedia jurídica
  3. EUR-Lex Access to European Union Law
  4. LawInsider contract database and search engine. Search clauses, contracts and the dictionary (US English)
  5. Summaries of EU Legislation
  6. Wordscope Legal
  7. World Law Dictionary currently English only but translations into other languages will be added ($9 per month)

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Renewable Energy

  1. Solar PV Glossary by In Balance Energy
  2. Vocabulario Técnico de Energías Renovables (PDF) en-es


  1. A to Z of Football and Soccer Terms Aford Awards
  2. Cycling Glossary: The Language of Our Sport Finish Line
  3. Glosario de fútbol
  4. Glosario de términos futbolísticos El Futbolín
  5. Glosario de términos futbolísticos usados en América
  6. Glossary of Cycling Terms Century Cycles

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  1. Diccionario de la Real Academia de Ingeniería
  2. Diccionario del Agua Aguamarket
  3. Diccionario politécnico de las lenguas española e inglesa, Volume 1
  4. Diccionario técnico: inglés-español
  5. DIN-TERM Online de-en-fr-pl
  6. Electropedia: The World’s Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary – several languages
  7. Engineering Definitions by EPC Engineer
  8. Glossary of Automotive Terminology en-es by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
  9. Glossary of Labelling Terms ASL Accurate Systems Labelling
  10. HVAC Dictionary several languages by REHVA
  11. HVAC Glossary of Terms
  12. Indoor Air Quality Glossary
  13. Industry Terms by EIC (Energy Industries Council)
  14. International System of Units NIST reference
  15. Multilingual Chemical Terminology ECHA
  16. OBP Online Browsing Platform of ISO standards
  17. Pulp and Paper Dictionary
  18. Terminologia UPCTERM ca-en-es-fr

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