Bump up your CPD with BP translation conference videos

You have until 4 November to take advantage of special discounts to watch BP conference videos. You can decide to watch just one, all of the BP18 videos, the current library (BP16 to BP18) or everything plus lifetime access to future videos. Your purchase (except buying just one video) will also give you chances to win a ticket to the next conference, BP19 in Bologna, at the beginning of May.

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Wicked METM14 Gathering

El Escorial2This post has been brewing for a while as it’s been four weeks since I flew back from Madrid after attending the METM14 conference organised by the association of Mediterranean Editors and Translators. Most of my busyness has revolved around work, routine family life and still trying to get the house we moved into at the end of July sorted in time for Christmas. But towards the end of October and beginning of November I was actually socially busy for a change.

First came a few days in a cottage in Kent to attend a 50th birthday party. Held in a house perched on top of a hill overlooking the Channel with the twinkling lights of France in the distance, we were kept warm outside by a couple of bonfires, dazzled by a firework display that could rival many a public one, and entertained by fire-eaters and magicians before sitting down to a wonderful chef-prepared meal served to us as if we were in a restaurant. The evening was then rounded off by a highly amusing and polished drag cabaret act.

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Friendship and Laughter: Review of the BP14 Conference

Budapest park
Our view during the gala dinner on the second night

A chance remark on Facebook just over a year ago made Csaba Bán realise that his colleagues would quite like him to repeat his earlier conference-arranging success in Budapest. A few hours later BP14 was born; the following day the venue was booked; and the rest, as they say, is history.

In this case, however, BP does not primarily refer to the two settlements, Buda and Pest, flanking either side of the River Danube (which we sailed down whilst having dinner on the first evening of the conference) forming today’s vast city of Budapest. It actually stands for Business and Practice because the conference was held over two days, the first devoted to improving how we relate to clients and portray ourselves, and the second to perfecting our craft. That’s also why BP15, which is already in the pipeline, will not be held in Csaba’s hometown but in Zagreb instead.

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IAPTI Conference Twitter Storm

71420_10202815171118697_1798444983_nIf you have a Twitter account and logged in last Saturday, you cannot fail to have noticed that the IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters) was holding its first conference in London. Having grown in numbers over the past four years the association has been up and running, and now with members in 59 countries, its president, Aurora Humarán, and her team decided it was time to get together properly and have a “non-mild” discussion about what’s going on in our industry and what we can do about it. Despite being rooted in Argentina where the IAPTI was founded, London was chosen as the venue so we could all stand in solidarity with UK interpreters.

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