Posts of the Day – January 2015

Snow1January is over already, and it’s been a busy month for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, I’ve been trying out my new stand-up desk and treadmill when the type of work I’m doing permits. I still need to sort out how best to include a couple of hours on the treadmill per day into my routine, and I’ll be reporting on my experience as soon as I can. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in these alternative desks and why sitting is bad for you, please check out David Cain’s and Caroline Devitt’s articles below, as well as some I included in the December Posts of the Day.

I’ve also conducted two surveys on ads on translation blogs with some extremely interesting results. In fact if you have opted to monetise your blog, I’d be very grateful if you could complete the second of these surveys as it’s still open. I’ll be writing about this towards the end of February after I finish the large project that is rather dominating my life at the moment.

There have been blog posts galore this month. By the looks of it many colleagues put blogging more often down on their list of New Year’s resolutions. With so many to choose from, I’ve had to add some great articles to a list to post later during a dry spell (if we get one!). If you failed to make any resolutions and haven’t revisited your business plan so far this year, don’t fret as a few of the posts listed at the beginning of the month will give you some ideas. Don’t have a business plan? Then check out Marta Stelmaszak’s Business School for Translators. I started off the year doing her January Business Camp. Despite falling hopelessly behind (I intend to catch up soon), the little I managed to complete was still incredibly useful.

If you’d like to find out more about the person behind the Posts of the Day, Sara Colombo has just published an interview with yours truly on her blog Balance Your Words.

31/01/2015 What to look out for when choosing a translation provider by Ewa Erdmann (Transliteria)
30/01/2015 When is it time to pull out of a project? by Gwenydd Jones (Letraduct) (post no longer available)
29/01/2015 Facebook business pages: necessary or optional? by Else Gellinek (Sprachrausch)
28/01/2015 Endings and Beginnings by Janis Palma (NAJIT Blog)

27/01/0215 A dozen must-have programs for translators: how to move them to a new computer by Emma Goldsmith (Signs & Symptoms of Translation)

26/01/2015 Why We Spend Our Lives Sitting by David Cain (Raptitude)

25/01/2015 Avoid Ambiguity: When does Your Responsibility for a Translation End? by Ofer Tirosh (Tomedes)

24/01/2015 100PCT 14: Standing Out with Andrew Morris by Paul Urwin (100 Percent Translations – Podcasts)

23/01/2015 Why the modern world is bad for your brain by Daniel J Levitin (The Guardian)

22/01/2015 Freelancers unite to get sickness and other employment benefits by Joel Dullroy (The Guardian)

21/01/2015 Don’t sit and rot at your desk! by Caroline Devitt (Not Going With the Flow)

20/01/2015 10 DipTrans preparation essentials by Lucy Williams (Translator’s Studio)

19/01/2015 Show and tell: Fun Twitter tools by Else Gellinek (Sprachrausch)

18/01/2015 Key Translation Skills: Write Right by Joseph Lambert (JAL Translation)

17/01/2015 Why Bad Translations of Hotel Documents are Bad for Your Business by Alina Cincan (LinkedIn)

16/01/2015 The Ethics of Machine Translation by Termcoord (Terminology Coordination)

15/01/2015 The long and short of it… by Claire Cox (Lines from a Linguist)

14/01/2015 How to find your niche by Marta Stelmaszak (Business School for Translators)

13/01/2015 Ridiculous E-mail Award Winner for 2015 (impossible to beat in the next 11.5 months) by Konstantinos Stardelis (Greek Translator) (post no longer available)

12/01/2015 Nobody gives a toss about your brand by Alastaire Allday (Copywriter)

11/01/2015 Tips on Tact and Tone by Pat McNees (Writers and Editors) (post no longer available)

10/01/2015 It’s not a matter of more money, it’s a matter of time by Luisa Matos (Let’s Talk About Translation)

09/01/2015 Go ahead, make up new words! by Erin McKean (TED Talk) (no longer available)

08/01/2015 My Freelancer Resolutions for 2015 by Marie Jackson (Looking-Glass /Translations)/

07/01/205 3 ways to boost your business in 2015 by Dorota Pawlak (Beyond The Words)

06/01/2015 Do you have a business plan for 2015? 5 tips for achieving your business goals by Karen Rückert (Translator Mentoring Blog)

05/01/2015 The Big List of 103 Freelance Translators’ Tips by Ofer Tirosh (Tomedes)

04/01/2015 How to survive in the world where everybody tells you to be an expert? by Marta Stelmaszak (Business School for Translators)

03/01/2015 The Secret Ingredient of Freelance Success by Marie Brotnov (Translation Wordshop)

02/01/2015 Being Kind to Each Other by Judy and Dagmar Jenner (Translation Times)

01/01/2015 SWOT yourself a better marketing letter by Jenny Whiteley (Lakesidelinguist’s Blog)

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