Translation Exams & Courses (Reviews)

This page lists posts on this blog related to translation exams and courses. It does not include MAs in Translation and Interpreting, which can be found here. Neither does it include reviews of any workshops, which are listed on the Conferences & Other Translation Events page instead.

You’ll find more information about examinations in Qualifications and a list of courses to help you prepare for exams in Translation-related Courses. Both these pages are part of the Links & Tips for Translators & Interpreters section.

You might also want to read the results of the Translation Qualifications Survey comparing MITI, DipTrans, ATA and MA or MSc.

  1. DipTrans: the real costs and returns by Gwenydd Jones
  2. Review of CI3M Distance Course in Translation Studies (French to English) by Andrea McGibney
  3. The Diploma in Translation. What is it? Why do I want it? by Lucy Williams
  4. How I Passed the DipTrans: Top Five Tips by Lucy Williams
  5. Review of the Financial Translation Course at CTI – Communication Trend Italia by Martina Abagnale

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay