MA in Intercultural Communication, Public Service, Interpreting and Translation – Universidad de Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares

Language combinations: Arabic-Spanish, Bulgarian-Spanish, Chinese-Spanish, English-Spanish, French-Spanish, German-Spanish, Polish-Spanish, Portuguese-Spanish, Romanian-Spanish, Russian-Spanish.

The MA in Intercultural Communication, Public Service Interpreting and Translation focuses on public service interpreting and translation from an intercultural and interlinguistic perspective. The programme is based on specialized training combining classroom teaching with new technologies and online learning. The programme’s main goal is to train future interpreters and translators.

The programme is a member of the European Masters in Translation (EMT) Network. The school has also signed two double-degree agreements, one with the People’s Friendship University of Russia and the other with the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (France).

Duration: one year (full-time)

For more info on what it’s like to study at this university, please read Universidad de Alcalá: A Day in the Life by Emily Safrin on ATA’s The Savvy Newcomer blog.

MA in Business-focused Conference Interpreting – Universidad de Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares

Master’s Degree in Specialised Translation – Universidad de Córdoba, Cordova

Language combinations: Spanish and English, French and German

This is a distance-learning course with three optional modules that focus on legal and financial translation, science and technical translation, and humanities (tourism and advertising) and literary translation. It provides training in the latest techniques and tools and promotes research into the subject.

Duration: one year

Distance learning available: Yes, only possibility

Máster en Traducción y Mediación Intercultural – Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca

Languages: Spanish, English, French and German

The master’s degree in translation and intercultural mediation focuses on theory, terminology, practice and revision. It includes a final dissertation.

Duration: one year (full-time)

Máster en Traducción en Entornos Digitales Multilingües – Universidad de Valladolid, Soria

Languages: Spanish to English (B language) and either French or German (C language)

Students learn how to create multilingual web content by perfecting their translation, transcreation and editing skills. They will be taught how to follow specific instructions and use style guides and the main translation tools and resources.

The programme is a member of the European Masters in Translation (EMT) Network.

Duration: one year (full-time)

Máster en Traducción Especializada – Universidad San Jorge, Villanueva de Gállego, Zaragoza

Language combinations: Spanish or Catalan and English

This master’s degree is offered in conjunction with Universidad de Vic-Universidad Central de Cataluña and it is taught via a virtual campus. It focuses on the following: scientific and technical translation; audiovisual communication; translation of literature; legal and financial translation; and business interpreting.

Duration: two years (one year by agreement)

Distance learning available: Yes, only possibility

MA in Medical and Healthcare Translation – Universitat Jaume I, Castellón

Language combination: English-Spanish

This online course provides specialised translation for translators wishing to work in the medical and health sector for publishing houses, pharmaceutical laboratories, international organisations, hospitals and so on.

Duration: one year (full-time)

Distance learning available: Yes, only possibility

Please see the review in Spanish by Natalia Pérez Ramos on this blog for more details of this course.

MA in Translation and Interpreting Research – Universitat Jaume I, Castellón

This degree allows students to focus on research into translation or interpreting. Core courses teach theory and methodology. Students also learn the essential skills they need for the translation market.

Distance learning available: Yes, only possibility

Master in Translation Studies – Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Three pathways: research, academic and practical

Language combinations: Spanish and English

This course teaches students to become specialists in translation studies for three different purposes. The research pathway includes the writing of a research project and is for students aiming to study a PhD. The practical pathway  focuses on advanced training in the translation of humanities and literature, science and technology or legal and economic texts. This pathway includes an internship and prepares students to work as specialist translators and/or interpreters. The academic pathway should be followed by students who have not decided whether to pursue the research or practical route. It includes the writing of a thesis.

Duration: one year (full-time); two years (part-time)

Disclaimer: I try to update the MA pages as often as I can. However, some of the information about available courses and their content may no longer be valid. Neither is this an exhaustive list of all the translation and/or interpreting master’s degrees on offer in the country.

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