Links & Tips for New Translators

Tips2Many colleagues have already dedicated a great deal of their time to sharing their advice, knowledge and experience about the sector to both new and seasoned translators, so when I’m approached for advice, I don’t feel I have anything specific to add.

The aim of the Links & Tips for New Translators pages, therefore, is just to help point you in a few directions that may be useful at the beginning of your career (although more experienced colleagues may find some of the information of interest too, especially for CPD purposes).

Please read ‘A Word of Caution about Using the Resource Pages’ before you start exploring the links.

Click on the page titles to read the full details.

Last updated May 2020

Articles of Special Interest to New Translators

List of blog posts that I feel newcomers to the profession might benefit from reading.


Non-exhaustive list of some translation and interpreting associations.


Blog recommendations that are especially helpful for newcomers and some of my personal favourites.

Books on Translation & Interpreting

Links to books that may be of interest (and also to reviews of some of these books on this and other blogs).

Business-related Courses

Studying translation at university may not give you much business knowledge. The courses listed on this page might help address that gap.

Coaching & Consulting

A list of translation colleagues providing consulting and/or coaching services in case you want to talk to someone in person.

Copywriting, Writing, Proofreading & Editing Courses

Copywriting courses are useful for translators who want to work in creative sectors or to specialise in transcreation. And proofreading and editing courses are helpful if your work includes revisions.

Health & Safety

Some links to help you set up your home office with health, well-being and safety in mind.

Podcasts & YouTube Channels

No time to sit down and watch a webinar? Catch a podcast instead then while exercising, cooking or cleaning the house.


A list of qualifications you can take to become certified and/or a member of an association.


Some information on CAT tools, Dragon Naturally Speaking and machine translation (MT).

Translation-related Courses

This section includes courses to help you prepare for a translation association exam and others that can help you improve your skills.


Webinars are great for CPD as you can gain some knowledge in a short period (usually one hour).


A list of some websites newcomers might find particularly useful, including the main social media sites.

Tips 1Links are generally listed in alphabetical order in the sections and they are provided for information purposes only. Under no circumstances should they be understood as a personal recommendation.

The Links & Tips pages are constantly being improved, expanded and updated, so please come back another time. If you have any comments or recommendations, please contact me.

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