European MA Translation & Interpreting Courses

The aim of the European MA resource pages is to list MA and MSc translation and interpreting courses available in Europe and link them to posts (most are guest posts on this blog) describing former students’ experiences of their master’s programmes. I hope this information will help future students choose whether a master’s degree is the right path for them and which programme would suit them best.

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of further studies, you might also find the following blog posts useful:

Does an academic background really make a difference? by Caroline Alberoni

The (un?)importance of translation-specific degrees to translation by Joseph Lambert

The Benefits of an MA in Translation by Lucy O’Shea

Is an MA in Translation worth the Investment? by Marion Rhodes

Is It Worth It for You To Do an MA in Translation Studies? by Gwenydd Jones

I’m always on the lookout for more reviewers of these courses, so if you’ve studied an MA or MSc in translation and/or interpreting and would like to write a guest post, please get in touch. You can find more details on writing for this blog here.

Similarly, if you notice any errors or think I have missed out vital information, please contact me.

These pages are a work in progress and will be updated on a regular basis to include more courses and details. Please visit the university websites for up-to-date information on their MA and MSc programmes, language combinations and application dates.

I cannot guarantee that all the information provided on the MA pages is correct as universities often change the details to suit demand or close some courses down.

I am especially grateful to Johanna González, Céline Macke, Typhaine Maëse, Natalia Pérez Ramos and Marie Surreau for helping me compile some details for these pages and to Nancy Matis for all her support.

Details of university courses outside Europe can be found here. I have also compiled a list of distance-learning courses.

For a comprehensive list of translation and interpreting courses worldwide, please see this page provided by Lexicool.

Click on the country to see the list of courses.




Czech Republic















United Kingdom

Disclaimer: I try to update the MA pages as often as I can. However, some of the information about available courses and their content may no longer be valid. Neither are these pages exhaustive lists of all the translation and/or interpreting master’s degrees on offer in the countries mentioned.

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