Art of Translation

I certainly don’t pretend to be capable of pontificating on this subject. In fact your first port of call should be to look at the many books listed in my Books on Translation & Interpreting section for ideas and inspiration. But inevitably after many years of translating, I have formed opinions about how to translate and some of them have made it into the posts listed here.

You’ll find some interesting views on this topic voiced by my colleagues in the first category of Interesting Articles for Translator & Interpreters.

Please also see the Bite-sized Tips section for specific points that crop up in our work, such as common mistakes in papers for publication, the use of quotation marks and italics, how to write numbers (dates, times, percentages, currencies, decades, centuries, etc.) and more.

My thoughts on machine translation and post editing can be found here. I also have an entire section dedicated to Revisions.

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  3. Do translations only have to be good enough?
  4. Teamwork: the pros and cons of being a lone wolf or a pack animal

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay