Work–Life Balance

Work-Life BalanceDespite owning a dog and going out for walks on a regular basis, years of sitting down in front of the computer translating have taken their toll on my body. Given that I have neither the time nor the inclination to go to the gym or yoga classes, I decided to switch to a stand-up desk set-up in January 2015 and alternate between sitting and standing. As I’m not a fan of standing still either, I bought a cheap mini treadmill to go underneath the desk and later added a Steppie because walking on the treadmill all day is quite tiring and not practical for some jobs.

Below you will find a list of the posts on this blog that describe my own and guest posters’ experiences of alternative work set-ups and other ways we can strike a balance between working hard to run our own businesses and keeping mentally and physically fit and healthy. I have also listed some recommended reading posts in the Work–Life Balance section on the Articles of Special Interest to New Translators page. A good website to go to for articles on alternative desks and tips for a healthier lifestyle is: Healthy Freelancers.

  1. Treadmill Desks for Freelancers
  2. Answers to Your Questions on the Pros and Cons of Using a Stand-Up Treadmill Desk
  3. My Tailored Sitting/Standing Desk Set-up by Allison Klein
  4. From Standing Out to Standing Up by Andrew Morris
  5. The truth and nothing but: 2017 update on my stand-up desk set-up with treadmill and Steppie
  6. When the unthinkable happens and giving up work isn’t an option
  7. On Loneliness, Friendship and Resolutions
  8. A New Year’s approach to exercising for freelance translators seeking a perfect work–life balance by Louise Taylor (Tomedes)
  9. The four o’clockish in the morning club: a tale of insomnia
  10. UK Pensions Basics for Freelance Translators by Sarah Bowyer

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