Bite-sized Tips No. 13: Spellings Part 10 – By the Sea

Spellings Part 10  By the Sea

IMG_1677The weather was miserable when I looked up the first of the sea words in today’s list (because the spellchecker in Word didn’t like seabed), so I let myself get carried away for a few minutes thinking about beaches, sand and sunshine and looked up a few more. I must admit, I was surprised to find that the New Oxford Style Manual says sea horse is two words, especially as the Microsoft spellchecker does not mark seahorse as being incorrect. You live and learn.

1. seabed = one word. The spellchecker in Word doesn’t like this one, but Oxford definitely wants this written as one word, which makes sense to me.

2. seafront is also one word, and, of course, so is

3. seafood 

and the next few entries in the list are all one word too

4. seabird

5. seagull

6. seagrass 


7. sea wall 

8. sea bass

9. sea bream

10. sea horse are all two words

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This post was first published on 18/11/2014 on my previous blog.

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