Bite-sized Tips No. 10: Spellings Part 7 – Two Words

Spellings Part 7 – Two Words

Post box1A quick easy list of ten spellings today as they are all two words (and, therefore, not hyphenated). Please remember that all the bite-sized tips entries are based on the New Oxford Style Manual so spellings may vary in other style guides.

1. track record

2. real time

3. et cetera = two words according to Oxford, although the OED online gives both et cetera and etcetera.  Chicago also prefers et cetera. However, etceteras = one word only.

4. cash flow

5. data set

6. guard rail

7. seat belt

8. trade name

9. free time

10. vice versa (I included this one in the very first bite-sized tips, Common Mistakes Part 1, but as it is confused so often, I thought it was worth mentioning again)

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This post was first published on 24/09/2014 on my previous blog.

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