Bite-sized Tips No. 5: Spanish Place Names

Spanish Place Names according to the New Oxford Style Manual

IMG_0922Most of these places in Spain in the list below are obvious and/or there’s no change. However, surprisingly (and randomly), some lose their accents and others don’t. The English versions all appear in the New Oxford Spelling Dictionary and/or the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors.



A Coruña Corunna
Albacete Albacete
Almería Almería (with accent)
Andalucía Andalusia
Aragón Aragon (no accent)
Cádiz Cadiz (no accent)
Cartagena Cartagena
Castilla Castile
Castilla-La Mancha Castilla-La Mancha
Castilla-León Castilla-León (with accent)
Catalunya / Cataluña Catalonia
Córdoba Cordoba (no accent) and Cordova
Costa Blanca Costa Blanca
Costa Brava Costa Brava
Costa del Sol Costa del Sol
Galicia Galicia
Gijón Gijón (with accent)
Granada Granada
Islas Baleares Balearic Islands
Islas Canarias Canary Islands
Jerez de la Frontera Jerez de la Frontera
La Coruña Corunna
La Rioja La Rioja
León León (with accent)
Logroño Logroño
Málaga Malaga (no accent)
Mallorca Majorca
Marbella Marbella
Navarra Navarre
País Vasco Basque Country
Salamanca Salamanca
San Sebastián San Sebastián (with accent)
Santander Santander
Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela
Segovia Segovia
Sevilla Seville
Valladolid Valladolid
Vigo Vigo
Vitoria Vitoria
Zaragoza Saragossa

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