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Eiffel 2On this page I’ve compiled a list of links to online dictionaries, glossaries and other resources I sometimes use for my translation work and anything else I come across that’s of interest from a professional point of view.

Listed in the first section are: General English, General SpanishGeneral Monolingual, General Into & Out of Spanish and General Multilingual resources.

These are followed by links divided into more specific categories in the second sectionArt, Business & Trade, Construction & Architecture, Education, Environment & Earth Science, Fashion & TextilesFinance, Food & Agriculture, Health & MedicalHumanities and Social Sciences, Information and Communications TechnologyInsurance & Real EstateLegal, Rail, Renewable EnergySport, Technical, Tourism & Travel, Translation Studies and Wine.

The third section contains links to help improve how we write: Collocations, Corpora, Digital Journals, Digital Libraries, EncyclopaediasStyle Guides, Thesauri, Writing and Other Word Tools.

The fourth section is Other Links of Interest divided into these categories: CAT Tools & Translation Environments, Email Service Providers, GDPRInterpreting, Lifestyle, Machine TranslationMoney Management & InvoicingMOOCs, Music & Background Sounds, NewsPhotos, Printing (Business Cards)Productivity, Project & Time Management, Search Engines, Social Media, Speech Recognition & Text-to-Speech Software, Sport & Exercise, Translation-related Tools & Links, Travelling & Holidays and World Time zones.

As I translate from Spanish into English, there’s a heavy bias towards resources for that language pair in the first section, although I hope colleagues working from and into other languages will also find them useful.

This page is a work in progress and I’ll add more links as I come across them. Please let me know if any of the links are broken and feel free to make suggestions in the comments. I’ll delete comments after a while so the page doesn’t get too long.

Google is a good place to start with searches, even though it does have a tendency to change your search words if it thinks you’ve spelled something incorrectly, or to ignore them completely. Putting the word or words in inverted commas (“…”) should solve that problem, however. If you want everything you type into the box to appear on the page, write allintext: followed by the words you need.

Adding English (or whichever language you are searching for), terminology, glossary, dictionary, etc., might lead you to some interesting pages. Adding proz, reverso or linguee, etc., will show you whether there are any relevant entries on these sites without having to go to them directly first. The images and books search tools in Google are also helpful for finding terms. And Google Scholar searches for scholarly examples of the use of words and phrases across many disciplines and sources.

For more help with advanced Google searches, please read this article giving 31 advanced search tips, this post on the LinguaGreca blog by Turian da Silva Bielschowsky and this post by Katie L Ward.

If you want to see which of two words is more popular (visible) on Google, then use Google Fight.

As with most information online, please don’t assume that a term you’ve found using Google or one of the links below is correct before double checking it.

Last updated March 2020

General English

  1. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
  2. Cambridge Essential British English Dictionary
  3. Collins English Dictionary British and American English
  5. Dictionary of American Regional English
  6. Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles
  7. Dictionary of Singlish and Singapore English
  8. Fine Dictionary definitions from 4 dictionaries, example sentences, facts, quotations, idioms, etc.
  9. The Free Dictionary
  10. Glossaries by EU Institutions and Bodies (TermCoord)
  11. Glossaries from EU Institutions and Bodies (TermCoord)
  12. Glossarissimo Monolingual & Multilingual resources & terminology
  13. Green’s Dictionary of Slang
  14. Heinle’s Newbury House Dictionary of American English
  15. MacMillan Dictionary
  16. Macquarie Dictionary Australian dictionary and thesaurus (free trial)
  17. Merriam Webster
  18. NZ English to US English
  19. OneLook Dictionary for definitions, words related to words or concepts, words/phrases starting or ending with word or letters, etc.
  20. The Online Slang Dictionary
  21. Oxford English Dictionary (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  22. Oxford Reference (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  23. TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free software to download)
  24. Scottish Vernacular Dictionary
  25. a dictionary that includes a section called The Challenge to help you learn difficult words
  26. Wordnik definitions, examples ad related words
  27. WordWeb English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free and paid software to download)
  28. 3000+ Translation Glossaries List created by Inbox Translation

General Spanish

  1. Academia Canaria de la Lengua
  2. Coloquialmente glosario sobre el español coloquial
  3. Diccionario Clave diccionario de uso del español actual
  4. Diccionario del Español de México
  5. Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (DPD)
  6. Dirae Diccionario inverso by the Real Academia Española
  7. DRAE Diccionario de la lengua española by the Real Academia Española
  8. Fundéu BBVA Fundación del Español Urgente (buen uso del español en los medios de comunicación)
  9. Goodrae diccionario hipertextual, lematizado y con búsqueda inversa
  10. Jergas de habla hispana

General Monolingual

  1. Duden Wörterbuch online
  2. Larousse Dictionnaire de Français

General Into & Out of Spanish

  1. Diccionario Argentino-Español
  2. Diccionario español – mallorquín
  3. Dudario General Servicio de Traducción al Español (Naciones Unidas)
  4. Granada University en<>es Dictionary
  5. Spanish Central by Merriam-Webster – translation with word-by-word breakdown
  6. Spanish Translator Services Several links to glossaries & dictionaries
  7. Word Magic es-en only

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General Multilingual

  1. abcXXL Online Dictionary be, de, en, et, fr, ga, lt, lv, pl, ru, sv, uk
  2. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias searches several resources
  3. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias German version of the above
  4. 28 languages
  5. Beolingus de-en-es-pt
  6. Collins Dictionaries de, en, es, fr and it
  7. Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana ca, de, en, es, fr
  8. English-German and Multilingual Dictionary
  9. Catalan-Spanish and Catalan-English dictionaries and more
  10. EuroTermBank multiple languages
  11. Euskalterm Basque public term bank en-es-eu-fr
  12. Forvo pronunciation dictionary
  13. Glosbe the multilingual online dictionary
  14. Glossaries by EU Institutions and Bodies (TermCoord)
  15. Glossaries from EU Institutions and Bodies (TermCoord)
  16. Glossarissimo Monolingual & Multilingual resources & terminology
  17. GlossaryLinks (TermCoord) search tool to find glossary you need from database of nearly 2,500 glossaries
  18. GoldenDict dictionary lookup program (software)
  19. Guidelines for contractors translating into English European Commission
  20. IATE InterActive Terminology for Europe. The database can also be downloaded.
  21. Larousse Dictionnaires Bilingues fr-ar, fr-de, fr-en, fr-es, fr-it, fr-zh
  22. LDLP Dictionary ar and es, es, fr, de
  23. Le grand dictionnaire terminologique
  24. Over 80 dictionaries, several languages (subscription required, free trial available)
  25. LEO de-en, de-es, de-fr, de-it, de-pl, de-pt, de-ru, de-zh
  26. Lexicool Bilingual and multilingual dictionaries
  27. Linguatools de-cs, de-da, de-el, de-en, de-es, de-fr, de-it, de-nl, de-pl, de-pt, de-ro, de-sv
  28. Linguee
  29. Magic Search search multiple sources (dictionaries, corpora, MT engines, search engines) with one click
  30. Microsoft Language Portal
  31. Multilingual Search Interfaces for Translators
  32. Multitran ru and af, de, en, es, et, fr, it, ja, lv, nl, xal
  33. MyMemory linguistic search engine of translated segments and terminology
  34. Oxford Dictionaries (log in with UK library card for full access)
  35. Term Search
  36. Reverso Context translation in context
  37. Reverso Dictionary ar-de-en-es-fr-he-it-ja-ko-nl-pl-pt-ru-zh
  38. Tatoeba collection of sentences and translations
  39. TEPA Term Bank Finnish Terminology Center TSK en, fi, sv
  40. TermCoord Glossary Links – European Parliament Terminology Coordination
  41. Termium Plus
  42. TermSciences multidisciplinary terminological portal de-en-es-fr
  43. Tradooit en-fr, en-es, es-en, es-fr, fr-en, fr-es
  44. Translators Cafe TCTerms Questions
  45. UNTERM United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database
  46. Visual Dictionary en-es-fr
  47. Wiktionary
  48. WIPO Pearl WIPO’s multilingual terminology portal
  49. Word Hippo several languages, plus similar, opposite & rhyming words, etc.
  50. Word Reference
  51. WordFinder (subscription required to access over 500 dictionaries in 26 languages)
  52. Wörterbuchnetz
  53. Woxikon Multilingual dictionary & synonym database (8 European languages)

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  1. Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online The Getty Research Institute
  2. Art and Popular Culture Encyclopaedia
  3. Art in Translation translated articles on Taylor & Francis Online
  4. CAMEO Conservation & Art Materials Encyclopedia Online – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  5. Getty Search Gateway
  6. Glosario Gráfico es-ca-en-fr-it-pt
  7. Google Cultural Institute
  8. MetPublications The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  9. MoMA Art Terms Museum of Modern Art, New York
  10. MoMA Exhibition History Museum of Modern Art, New York
  11. MoMA The Collection Museum of Modern Art, New York
  12. WikiArt the encyclopedia of painting

Business & Trade

  1. Business Dictionary
  2. Glossary of Trade Terms by Strong & Herd

Construction & Architecture

  1. About Dams The British Dam Society
  2. Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online The Getty Research Instit
  3. Carreteros detailed info on roads in Spanish
  4. Construpedia includes ca-es-en dictionary
  5. Diccionario de Arquitectura y Construcción
  6. Dictionary of Construction
  7. Dictionary of Military Architecture
  8. Glosario para Ingenieros Civiles es-en
  9. The Great Buildings Collection
  10. Infomine Mining dictionary, several languages
  11. Mortar and ETICS Dictionary several languages
  12. Paving Expert A Guide to Paving, Drainage & Hard-Landscaping
  13. Términos de Carreteras es only
  14. Water & Wastewater Treatment Technology lessons by Rosa-lee Cooke

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  1. Glosario de Educación Física
  2. Glosario de Pedagogía
  3. The Glossary of Education Reform Great Schools Partnership (US)

Environment & Earth Science

  1. Climate Change Glossary ca-gl-es-en-it-fr-ro-pt
  2. Earth and Environment Glossaries
  3. Environmental Terminology and Discovery Service European Environment Agency (28 languages)
  4. GEMET Thesaurus General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus
  5. Geology Dictionary and Earth Science Terms and Definitions
  6. Glosario de Geología RACEFN
  7. Glosario de GreenFacts es-en/fr
  8. Partial Glossary of Spanish Geological Terms by US Department of the Interior
  9. Soil Mechanics
  10. Vocabulario Forestal gl-es-en
  11. World Reference Base for Soil Resources

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Fashion & Textiles

  1. Fabric Dictionary
  2. Glossary of Pattern Design by Artlandia
  3. Stofflexikon
  4. The Vogue Fashion Glossary A-Z


  1. Deloitte’s IAS Plus website
  2. Diccionario Económico es only
  3. Dictionary of Banking (UBS) en-de-fr-it
  4. Financial Times Lexicon
  5. Glossary of Economics and Trade (Babel Linguistics Inc) en-es
  6. Glossary of IFRS Terms Wiley Online Library
  7. Glossary of Stock Market Terms (Nasdaq)
  8. IFRS Glossary International Financial Reporting Standards
  9. IMF (International Monetary Fund) glossaries: en and ar, de, es, fr, ja, pt, ru, zh
  10. Investopedia en only
  11. LinguaFin multilingual financial termbase (subscription only)
  12. Money Terms: investment & finance explained
  13. World Bank Glossary en-es, es-en (PDF)
  14. World Bank Glossary en-fr, fr-en (PDF)

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Food & Agriculture

  1. AGROVOC multilingual agricultural thesaurus of the UN’s FAO
  2. The Cook’s Thesaurus cooking encyclopedia
  3. Diccionario Culinario
  4. Dictionary of dressings and sauces
  5. EFSA Glossary European Food Safety Authority
  6. Foods and Wines from Spain

Health & Medical

  1. Common Medical Abbreviations and Acronymns List
  2. Cosnautas Resources for medical translators and writers, including several dictionaries
  3. Diccionario de Términos de Salud Español Inglés edited by Liliana Osorio
  4. Dictionary of Health Related Terms English-Spanish edited by Liliana Osorio
  5. English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms California-Mexico Health Initiative
  6. MedTerms Medical Dictionary
  7. Wordscope Health

Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Glosario de Psicología
  2. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  3. Oxford Classical Dictionary (subscription required)
  4. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  5. Términos Estadísticos

Information and Communications Technology

  1. Microsoft Terminology Search multiple languages
  2. Technopedia technology dictionary (comprehensive computer dictionary)
  3. Terminology of Telecommunications including links to other useful resources
  4. Webopedia online computer and Internet terms dictionary
  5. IT encyclopedia

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Insurance & Real Estate

  1. Diccionario Mapfre de Seguros es-en
  2. Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms
  3. Lloyd’s Glossary of insurance-related terms
  4. Real Estate Glossary


  1. Definición Legal
  2. Enciclopedia jurídica
  3. EUR-Lex Access to European Union Law
  4. LawInsider contract database and search engine. Search clauses, contracts and the dictionary (US English)
  5. Summaries of EU Legislation
  6. Wordscope Legal
  7. World Law Dictionary currently English only but translations into other languages will be added ($9 per month)


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Renewable Energy

  1. British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) Glossary
  2. Solar PV Glossary by In Balance Energy
  3. Vocabulario Técnico de Energías Renovables (PDF) en-es


  1. A to Z of Football and Soccer Terms Aford Awards
  2. Cycling Glossary: The Language of Our Sport Finish Line
  3. Glosario de fútbol
  4. Glosario de términos futbolísticos El Futbolín
  5. Glosario de términos futbolísticos usados en América
  6. Glossary of Cycling Terms Century Cycles


  1. Diccionario de la Real Academia de Ingeniería
  2. Diccionario del Agua Aguamarket
  3. Diccionario politécnico de las lenguas española e inglesa, Volume 1
  4. Diccionario técnico: inglés-español
  5. DIN-TERM Online de-en-fr-pl
  6. Electropedia: The World’s Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary – several languages
  7. Engineering Definitions by EPC Engineer
  8. Glosario de Términos de la Industria Metalgráfica El Mundo de la Lata es-es
  9. Glossary of Automotive Terminology en-es by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
  10. Glossary of Labelling Terms ASL Accurate Systems Labelling
  11. HVAC Dictionary several languages
  12. HVAC Glossary of Terms
  13. Indoor Air Quality Glossary
  14. Industry Terms by EIC (Energy Industries Council)
  15. International System of Units NIST reference
  16. Multilingual Chemical Terminology ECHA
  17. OBP Online Browsing Platform of ISO standards
  18. Pulp and Paper Dictionary
  19. Terminologia UPCTERM ca-en-es-fr
  20. Términos en la Industria Metalgráfica by El Mundo de la Lata en-es
  21. Términos en la Industria Metalgráfica by El Mundo de la Lata es-en

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Tourism & Travel

  1. Hotel Revenue Glossary of Terms
  2. Hotel Revenue Management Glossary
  3. Revenue Management Terms
  4. Wordscope Travel

Translation Studies

  1. EST Translation Studies Glossary
  2. Translation research terms: A tentative glossary for moments of perplexity and dispute by Anthony Pym


  1. Diccionario del Vino La Vinoteca
  2. The Super Gigantic Y2K Winegrape Glossary Anthony J. Hawkins on Wine Lovers
  3. Wine Glossary Wine Folly
  4. Wine Glossary of Terms The Wine Cellar Insider

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  1. Collocations Dictionary
  2. DiCE Diccionario de Colocaciones del Español
  3. Dictionnaire des Collocations
  4. Dictionnaire des Cooccurrences
  5. Online Collocation Dictionary
  6. Ozdic collocation dictionary


  1. A Collection of English Corpora
  2. AntConc freeware corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis by Laurence Anthony
  3. BootCaT Bootstrap Corpora and Terms from the Web
  4. British National Corpus
  5. British Parliament (Hansard) Corpus
  6. BYU-BNC British National Corpus
  7. BYU Wikipedia Corpus YouTube Overview of this corpus
  8. COCA The Corpus of Contemporary American English
  9. COHA The Corpus of Historical American English
  10. CORDE Corpus Diacrónico del Español by the Real Academia Española
  11. Corpus.BYU.EDU Corpora created by Mark Davies, BYU
  12. Corpus of Canadian English (Strathy)
  13. Corpus del español siglos XIII-XX
  14. Corpus del español del siglo XXI
  15. CREA Corpus de Referencia del Español Actual by the Real Academia Española
  16. GloWbe Corpus of Global Web-based English
  17. Google Books American, British and Spanish
  18. Google Books Ngram Viewer displays graph showing how phrases have occurred in a corpus of books
  19. Google Scholar
  20. IntelliText Intelligent Tools for Creating and Analysing Electronic Text Corpora for Humanities Research by CTS (University of Leeds)
  21. International Corpus of English
  22. Juremy EU Legal Terminology Search
  23. OPUS open source parallel corpus
  24. PERC Corpus Online academic journal texts compiled as part of Professional English Research Consortium project
  25. The Sketch Engine – Corpus Query System (subscription required)
  26. Springer Exemplar discover how a particular term or phrase is used in scientific literature
  27. TIME Magazine corpus 1923-2006
  28. WebCorp

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Digital Journals

  1. AERA Open American Educational Research Association – articles on education
  2. Cambridge Core journals and books online
  3. DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals – an online directory
  4. Google Scholar
  5. JoSTrans The Journal of Specialised Translation
  6. JSTOR Journal Storage, a digital library (subscription required to access most content)
  7. OpenEdition Journals for humanities and social sciences
  8. Redalyc Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal
  9. SAGE Open articles on social and behavioural sciences and humanities
  10. Springer journals, books, series, protocols and reference works
  11. Taylor & Francis Online includes Routledge (advanced search & often pay per article)
  12. Translation a transdisciplinary journal (subscription required)

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Digital Libraries

  1. free access to books and information on the Web
  2. Biblioteca Digital Hispánica Biblioteca Nacional de España
  3. Cambridge Core journals and books online
  4. COPAC UK and Irish academic, national and specialist library catalogues
  5. The European Library
  6. Google Books
  7. HathiTrust Digital Library a partnership of academic and research institutions
  8. Internet Archive non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, etc.
  9. Issuu digital publishing platform for magazines, catalogues, newspapers and other publications
  10. Media History Digital Library
  11. OpenEdition Books for humanities and social sciences, over half are open access
  12. PDF Drive search engine of free PDF ebooks and files
  13. ResearchGate
  14. Scribd e-books, audiobooks, magazines, documents and films (subscription required; 30-day free trial)
  15. Virtual Library of Musicology

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  1. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias searches several resources
  2. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias German version of the above
  3. Encyclopaedia Britannica (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  4. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  5. Larousse Encylopédie
  6. The Literary Encyclopedia repository of reference work on literature, history and culture (subscription required)
  7. Oxford Research Encyclopedias (subscription required for some; Business and Management, Global Public Health, Planetary Science, Economics and Finance and Neuroscience are free)
  8. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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 Style Guides

  1. The ACS Style Guide (pay to view)
  2. APA Style American Psychological Association
  3. Apple Style Guide
  4. The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook
  5. The ATA Chronicle Style Guide
  6. BBC News Style Guide links to a page where you can download a Word copy (PDF copy link)
  7. Bristol University
  8. The California State University Branding Standards Guide
  9. The Canadian Style
  10. Chicago Manual of Style
  11. Cite It In generates citations for APA, MLA and Chicago systems
  12. Disability Language Style Guide National Center on Disability and Journalism
  13. EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles to be Published in English free PDFs in multiple languages
  14. The Economist Style Guide
  15. English Style Guide – European Commission A handbook for authors and translators
  16. Eurofound Style Guide European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
  17. European Union Interinstitutional Style Guide
  18. Government Digital Service Style Guide for all content published on GOV.UK
  19. GPO Style Manual United States Government Publishing Office
  20. Guardian and Observer Style Guide
  21. Guidelines for Nonhandicapping Language in APA Journals
  22. Harvard Citations Skills@Library – Leeds University
  23. Harvard Referencing System Staffordshire University (PDF downloads)
  24. Harvard System Anglia Ruskin University (includes PDF download)
  25. Harvard style reference lists and bibliographies Skills@Library – Leeds University
  26. Microsoft Writing Style Guide
  27. MLA Formatting and Style Guide Purdue University
  28. National Geographic Style Manual
  29. Plain Language Commission
  30. The Reuters Style Guide
  31. The Savvy Newcomer Style Guide
  32. SYbIL Style Guide Spanish Yearbook of International Law
  33. Talking about Disability – A Style Guide Buckinghamshire Disability Service
  34. Tameri Guide for Writers Stylebook US usage
  35. Telegraph Style Book
  36. Twentieth Century British History Oxford Journals
  37. United Nations Editorial Manual Online
  38. University of Cambridge Editorial Style Guide
  39. University of Oxford Style Guide
  40. University of Technology Sydney Publications Style Guide
  41. V&A Style Guide for Gallery Texts
  42. Vancouver Citing and Referencing Style Imperial College
  43. Wikipedia Manual of Style
  44. World Bank Editorial Style Guide
  45. World Bank Translation Style Guide
  46. The Yahoo! Style Guide

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  1. provides list of opposites for English words
  2. Collins Thesaurus
  3. Diccionario de sinónimos en español
  4. Diccionario de Sinónimos y Antónimos
  5. Diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos WordReference
  6. Diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos Busca Palabra
  7. Ideas Afines ideas, palabras, conceptos y términos relacionados
  8. OneLook Thesaurus and Reverse Dictionary
  9. Power Thesaurus crowdsourced thesaurus built by a community of writers
  10. Rhyme Zone for rhymes, synonyms, definitions, etc.
  11. TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free software to download)
  13. Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
  14. UNBIS Thesaurus United Nations Bibliographical Information System
  15. UNESCO Thesaurus English, French, Russian and Spanish
  16. Urban Thesaurus
  17. UK Archival Thesaurus
  18. Word Hippo similar or opposite words
  19. WordWeb English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free and paid software to download)

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  1. Antidote, a writing assistance tool for French and English (€119)
  2. Claire’s Clear Writing Tips European Commission
  3. FocusWriter a distraction-free writing environment
  4. Ginger writing app with grammar checker, dictionary and translation tool
  5. Glossary of Writing Terms and Definitions
  6. Grammarly online proofreading tool that checks grammar, punctuation and style
  7. Guide to Punctuation University of Sussex
  8. Guidelines for contractors translating into English European Commission Translation Resources
  9. Hemingway Editor ($19.99)
  10. Improve Your Writing University of Bristol
  11. Language Tool grammar, spelling and style software for over 20 languages
  12. Misused English Words and Expression in EU Publications Translation Directorate
  13. PerfectIt Proofreading Software for Professionals (free 30-day trial; cost: $99)
  14. ProWritingAid improve readability and eliminate errors (free version or cost from $40/year)
  15. Readability Checker the tool checks writing against the Flesch-Kincaid reading ease score, the Gunning Fog score and the SMOG index
  16. for measuring and improving readability of documents or websites (from $3 per month)
  17. Repetition Detector detects repetitions in texts; software in en and fr but works with da, de, es, fi, is, it, nl, no, pt, sv (free 30-day trial; cost: $7.40)
  18. Stilus spelling and grammar checker for Spanish (free trial; cost from €29.95/year)
  19. StyleWriter editing and proofreading software for plain English (free trial available; from $90 per month)
  20. WordRake edits for clarity in Microsoft Word and Outlook (from $129 per year)
  21. Writemonkey a stripped-down writing application so you can cocnentrate on your thoughts
  22. The Writer’s Diet tool to discover whether your writing is flabby or fit
  23. Writer’s Digest write better, get published
  24. Writers Online advice, competitions, courses, etc.

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Other Word Tools

  1. Acronym Finder
  2. Answer the Public free visual keyword research tool
  3. Diatopix shows graphic distribution of words, terms and expressions
  4. Edifix online bibliographic reference solution for meeting style requirements (from $39.95 per month)
  5. How Many Syllables
  6. Said What? over 22,000 quotes and proverbs
  7. TextExpander inserts snippets of text from repository of emails, boilerplate, etc., with quick search or abbreviation (from $3.33 per month)
  8. Title Case Converter
  9. search for words beginning or ending with a specific letter
  10. Word Unscrambler unscramble letters, scrabble calculator, anagram solver, find words that start or end with certain letters
  11. Word Unscrambler/Anagram Solver/Random Word Generator

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hourglass-972324_1280Other Links of Interest

  1. Adzuna job search engine & ValueMyCV
  2. Alt Codes list of Alt key codes, symbols and characters
  3. BuzzSumo analyses content to see what performs best for any topic or competitor
  4. Camtasia computer screen recorder and video editor
  5. Canva design program
  6. ClipX free clipboard history manager
  7. Committee on Publication Ethics COPE
  8. Copyscape plagiarism checker
  9. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  10. Findmypastdna ancestry DNA testing
  11. Forebears search for genealogical records and meanings & distribution of surnames
  12. Internet Movie Database IMDb
  13. ISO Language Codes
  14. Keyboard shortcuts in Windows
  15. LibreOffice free open-source office suite
  16. Mouse Without Borders for controlling up to 4 computers with one mouse and keyboard
  17. MUBI film website focusing on international arthouse cinema (£9.99 a month; free trial available)
  18. Netflix for films and TV programmes
  19. Ratatype learn touch typing
  20. Summary of Intellectual Property Rights The UK Copyright Service
  21. Thriva home blood-testing kits (UK) so you can track your long-term health
  22. Unicode character table
  23. Unit Converter calculator & metric conversions plus engineering, heat, fluids, light & binary converters, financial, date & time calculators & more
  24. WeTransfer for sending large files
  25. Winamp free media and audio player
  26. Windows – Alt Key Codes
  27. Worldometer interesting real-time worldwide statistics
  28. Xenu’s Link Sleuth find broken links on websites
  29. Zoom for audio or video conferencing and webinars

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CAT Tools & Translation Environments

  1. Déjà Vu by Atril
  2. Fluency by Western Standard
  3. KantanMT
  4. Lilt
  5. MateCat
  6. memoQ
  7. Memsource
  8. Mojito automation platform for continuous localisation
  9. Okapi Framework
  10. OmegaT
  11. SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation
  12. SDL Trados
  13. Slate
  14. Smartcat
  15. Transit NXT
  16. Translate5 open-source translation, review and post-editing system
  17. Wordfast

Email Service Providers

  1. FastMail
  2. Mailbox
  3. Posteo
  4. ProtonMail


  1. Cookiebot
  2. Cookiechecker
  3. GDPR Glossary of Key Terms from High Speed Training
  4. Ghostery helps you monitor and control trackers on websites
  5. ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office
  6. Webbkoll

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  1. Interpreter’s Help glossary and assignment management
  2. Intragloss glossary-building tool
  3. Speechpool speeches to help interpreters practise


  1. BuyMeOnce a site combating our throwaway culture with info on products built to last
  2. CodeCheck app for smartphones to check food and cosmetics are free from toxins
  3. The Game Changers a film that could change your life
  4. GuppyFriend washing bag for your machine
  5. helps you calculate when you should go to bed based on 90-min sleep cycle & average time to fall asleep of 15 mins
  6. The Minimalists a site for clearing the physical and emotional clutter from our lives
  7. Top Wildlife Experiences Hampshire & Isle of wight Wildlife Trust
  8. by feelhome
  9. Workrave program that can help prevent RSI by telling you when to have a break
  10. Zero Waste Home Office tips to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot

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Machine Translation

  1. Bing Microsoft Translator
  2. DeepL Translator
  3. Google Translate
  4. Moses statistical MT system
  5. MyMemory

Money Management & Invoicing

  1. Calculadora Freelance work out how much you should charge per hour (in Spanish)
  2. Check Your State Pension provided by GOV.UK
  3. FeeWizard Online for converting rates from one calculation method to another by Alessandra Muzzi
  4. FreeAgent accounting software for small businesses and freelancers (cost from £19/month)
  5. Infoautónomos quarterly and annual tax obligation management (cost from €29.99/month)
  6. KashFlow accounting software (free 14-day trial; cost from £7 + VAT/month)
  7. for translation job management, invoicing, creating quotes, outsourcing, supplier and client management and expenses tracking (free 30-day trial; cost from €9/month)
  9. National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) UK Government’s pension provider open to self-employed
  10. Pension Tracing Service provided by GOV.UK
  11. Pensions European Commission’s information page on pensions
  12. Pensions Advisory Service for the self-employed
  13. PractiCount & Invoice word and line counting and invoicing program (free 15-day trial; cost from $59.95)
  14. Refinery29 Money Diaries
  15. Revolut digital banking alternative providing a mobile-based current account
  16. TransferWise cheaper international transfers; hold and manage money in over 40 currencies; own bank details for five currencies
  17. Translation Office 3000 translation management system (free 30-day trial; cost from €79)
  18. Xero accounting software and online bookkeeping (free 15-day trial; cost from £9/month)
  19. You Need A Budget (YNAB) software to help you manage your money (free 34-day trial; cost: $5/month or $50/year)

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MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

  1. Canvas Network
  2. Coursera
  3. edX
  4. FUN.MOOC courses in French
  5. FutureLearn
  6. Harvard Online Learning
  7. Khan Academy
  8. MIT OpenCourseWare (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  9. MOOC list
  10. NovoEd
  11. Open Colleges (Australia)
  12. Open2Study
  13. OpenLearn The Open University (UK)
  14. Udacity

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Music & Background Sounds

  1. (free trial)
  2. Calmy Leon relaxing music and sounds
  3. Coffitivity background coffee-shop noise to aid creativity
  4. Focus@Will specially sequenced background music to increase your attention span (15-day free trial; from $6.25 per month)
  5. myNoise customisable soundscape website to aid concentration
  6. Noisli ambient sounds (e.g. rain, seaside, train, coffee shop & white noise), plus timer and distraction-free text editor
  7. Radio Garden live radio around the world
  8. white rain noise
  9. Spotify (free with ads; premium from £9.99 per month)

News & Politics

  1. ABYZ News Links
  2. monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major US politicians
  3. Full Fact UK’s independent fact-checking charity
  4. Hoax Slayer fact-checking site
  5. Nuzzel news feed based on what your connections are reading on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  6. Our World in Data research and data visualisation of worldwide human civilisation
  7. PolitiFact fact-checking US politics
  8. Politwoops all deleted tweets from politicians
  9. Pro-Truth Pledge pledge to fact check before sharing & honour the truth
  10. Snopes fact-checking site
  11. TheyWorkForYou parliamentary monitoring website. Find out how your MP is representing you.
  12. WriteToThem write to your UK local and national politicians for free

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  1. Can Stock Photo royalty-free stock photographs (cost from $9 for 12 credits)
  2. Creative Commons
  3. Flickr
  4. Fotosearch royalty-free stock photographs (cost from $3-12 per value image; credits and subscriptions also available)
  5. GoGraph: Stock Photography (cost $3-8 per photo; credits and subscriptions also available)
  6. Gratisography free photos by Ryan McGuire
  7. New Old Stock vintage photos free of known copyright restrictions
  8. Pexels free stock photos
  9. Picjumbo free photos
  10. PikWizard free photos, no attribution
  11. Pixabay free high-quality images
  12. SplitShire free stock photography
  13. Unsplash free high-resolution photos

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  1. Moo for business cards, flyers, greeting cards, etc.
  2. for business cards, flyers, greeting cards, etc.
  3. Vistaprint for business cards, flyers, greeting cards, etc.

Productivity, Project & Time Management

  1. Acuity free basic appointment scheduler
  2. Asana for teams to track their work (basic is free; premium $9.99 per month)
  3. BaccS project management software for translators available in several languages ($75)
  4. BeLazy monitors jobs in clients’ translation portals & creates them in your management system
  5. Best Productivity Apps and Tools Open Colleges
  6. Bloglovin’ tool for managing blog feeds
  7. Calendly for scheduling meetings
  8. Doodle for deciding on dates, places. etc., using polls
  9. Pomodoro, countdown, etc.
  10. Evernote for collecting and sharing ideas
  11. Focus Booster time tracker for productivity with pomodoro timer (free 30-day trial; cost from $3/month)
  12. Getting Things Done a method to help you gain control of your life
  13. Insightly CRM and project management (free option)
  14. KanbanFlow project management with real-time team collaboration & Pomodoro time tracking (free option)
  15. for translation job management, invoicing, creating quotes, outsourcing, supplier and client management and expenses tracking (free 30-day trial; cost from €9/month)
  16. Marinara Timer Pomodoro, custom timer, kitchen timer
  17. MindReader for Outlook email assistance (free 10-day trial)
  18. Podio customisable work management (cost from $9/month)
  19. Remember the Milk to-do app for busy people (pro version costs $39.99/year)
  20. RescueTime time management tracker app (free and premium versions)
  21. Slack team messaging and collaboration hub (free option)
  22. Timesheet by LlamaLab for tracking work time and documenting projects
  23. Todoist (basic app is free; premium £27.99 per person)
  24. Toggl time tracker (free 30-day trial; cost from $10/month)
  25. Tomato Timer Pomodoro
  26. Trello project management app
  27. helps clean inbox by identifying subscription emails
  28. Wunderlist for creating to-do lists (basic app is free; pro $4.99 per month)
  29. Zoho operating system for business (free option)

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Search Engines

  1. AOL Search
  3. Bing
  4. Blog Search Engine
  5. BoardReader search engine for discussion forums and bulletin boards
  6. Dogpile metasearch engine
  7. DuckDuckGo keeps your search history private
  8. Ecosia the profit Ecosia makes from searches is used to plant trees where needed most
  9. Good Gopher search engine for independent news and information
  10. Google
  11. Listen Notes podcast search engine
  12. Musipedia the Open Music Encyclopedia
  13. Omgili for discussions, news stories and blog posts
  14. Picsearch searchable index of images
  15. Pipl people search engine
  16. StartPage Google search results with complete privacy protection
  17. TinEye reverse image search
  18. Yahoo

Social Media

  1. Buffer for sharing on social media
  2. Hootsuite social media management dashboard
  3. Sumo social share buttons and website traffic tools (free version; pro version from $29 per month)
  4. TweetDeck for managing Twitter accounts
  5. free website builder

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Speech Recognition & Text-to-Speech Software

  1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition & text-to-speech software
  2. Natural Reader free text-to-speech reader
  3. TextAloud text-to-speech software for Windows

Sport & Exercise

  1. Breeze Rides HSBC UK organised bike rides for women
  2. Elliott Line for parkrun stats
  3. Find a Race for running, cycling and swimming
  4. Fix Events for runs, triathlons and other multisport events
  5. Get Britain Standing information on how to stop sitting all day
  6. Great Run Local 2k and 5k on Sundays
  7. NHS Fitness Studio exercise videos including Pilates & yoga
  8. Parkrun 5k runs organised every Saturday at 9.00 a.m.
  9. Parkrun – Christmas & New Year Compendium 2019/2020
  10. Parkrun Elevation Rankings UK
  11. Parkrun Volunteer Hub
  12. Race For Life running for Cancer Research UK
  13. Running Pace Calculator
  14. TimeOutdoors for running, cycling, walking and more
  15. Vegan Runners UK

Translation-related Tools & Links

  1. CodeZapper removes unwanted tags from Word documents before processing in a CAT (€20)
  2. Dictionary and Reference Board on
  3. Easy Word Count for counting words and characters
  4. Glossary of subtitling terminology
  5. HTTrack Website Copier for extracting website content (free)
  6. IntelliWebSearch searches in search engines, online dictionaries & encyclopedias (two-month free trial; cost from €25 for 12 months)
  7. Olifant helps create and maintain translation memories (TMs)
  8. TerminoTrad includes Lazyterm, Translation Memories, Serendipity and much more by Roger McKeon
  9. TextExpander for inserting snippets of text from emails, boilerplate and other content
  10. Translation Commons knowledge-sharing, free tools, resources and community initiatives
  11. TransTools removes tags from Word docs before using CATs and has other tools (also for Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCAD)

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Travelling & Holidays

  1. BorrowMyDoggy for walks, weekends and holidays
  2. DogBuddy find a dog sitter for boarding, day care or walks in the UK
  3. Fly Me Anywhere
  4. HouseMyDog dog boarding, sitting and walking in the UK
  5. MyClimate non-profit climate protection organisation with footprint calculator & carbon offset suggestions for flights, driving, heating, etc. (EUR, CHF, GBP & USD)
  6. home dog boarding in the UK
  7. The Man in Seat Sixty-One worldwide train travel information
  8. Trainline UK rail and coach platform
  9. TrainSplit split ticketing site to save on fares
  10. TrustedHousesitters find someone to look after your house and pets while you’re away, worldwide
  11. University Rooms book stays in university accommodation when not in use by students
  12. Visa List visa requirements and document checklist for 238+ countries

World Time

  1. Time Converter, World Clock, Time Zone Map
  2. World Clock, Time Zones, Calendar, etc.
  3. World Time Zone Map

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