#BlabbingTranslators – On creating useful resources for translators

BlabLast week I was delighted to be invited as the guest on the newish live translation chat show run by Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova. Called Blabbing Translators, because it’s held on a platform called “Blab”, it airs every Wednesday and the first season will be ending on 22 June. As they won’t be returning until August, now’s a good time to catch up on any of the episodes you might have missed. With topics ranging from the past, present and future of the profession with Steve Vitek to collaboration with colleagues with Emeline Jamoul, and including interviews with Tess Whitty on diversification, Paul Urwin on marketing and Christelle Maignan on coaching, there’s bound to be a podcast to suit everyone.

As mine did, they generally last an hour with both co-hosts interviewing the guest to ensure the questions keep coming. Anyone watching live can type a question in the box on the right or even dial in to join the conversation. And if you think that what the guest or hosts are saying is interesting, you can click on the hand-clapping icon under their talking head and applaud them (!). This sends a bubble of your head in their direction, which I found mightily distracting when I was doing the show. In fact it’s quite disconcerting watching yourself (even if it is out of the corner of your eye) for the entire duration, especially as I’ve never been a fan of watching myself on video.

If you’d like to catch up with my Blab, you can watch it on YouTube. The main focus of our chat was the resource pages on this blog (Useful Links & Resources for Translators & Interpreters, Links & Tips for Translators & Interpreters, Interesting Articles for Translators & Interpreters, Books on Translation, Blogroll and MA Courses) and how they came about, but we did cover a lot of other ground and managed to fit in a few laughs as well. I hope you enjoy spending a relaxed 60 minutes in our company.

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4 thoughts on “#BlabbingTranslators – On creating useful resources for translators

  1. Thank you so much for publishing an overview of our show, Nikki! Really appreciate it. It was a lot of fun talking to you and I hope that our “blab” would help you promote those amazing resources that you’ve been collecting during the past few years. See you on the show!

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