What’s new on the updated ‘Useful Links & Resources for Translators & Interpreters’ page

First, I’d like to welcome all new followers to my blog. In case you haven’t come across the Useful Links & Resources for Translators & Interpreters page before, it’s a list of links I originally put together for myself to make my working life easier. Over the years I’ve added many more links and divided them into over 40 categories so you can have information at your fingertips to help you work better and faster as well. I use this page every day when I’m translating and, with over 10,000 views so far, it’s also popular with colleagues.

You’ll find more details about the page in this post.

In this latest update, I’ve added three new categories: Translation Studies, Other Word Tools and Search Engines.

The first is a result of some terminology research I did for a translation. I have added the links to the list as I wanted to remember them for future reference. I hope other readers find them valuable too.

Other Word Tools contains a few new links and some I have moved from Other Links of Interest to make them easier to find. The first new one is Diatopix, which shows a graphic distribution of words, terms and expressions for four languages, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. You type in a word and the engine divides the results into countries so you can see where it’s most and least used. For English, the countries are Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

I’ve also added Said What?, a site with over 22,000 famous quotes and proverbs, and WordbyLetter.com, which searches for words beginning or ending with a specific letter.

Besides the well-known Search Engines, the last new category includes links to: the Blog Search Engine; BoardReader, which searches discussion forums and bulletin boards; Omgili for blogs, discussions and news stories; Good Gopher for independent news and information; the Open Music Encyclopedia called Musipedia, which contains the Melodyhound search engine for identifying tunes from melodies; a searchable index of images called Picsearch; TinEye, which is a reverse image search (you upload an image and it will find it for you on the Web); and StartPage, which gives you unfiltered Google search results with complete privacy protection. StartPage won’t collect information about you to pass onto advertisers, who will then target you with their ads. And it won’t censor your searches by assuming which results you’d like to see based on your past searches.

New in the Thesauri section is Rhyme Zone for rhymes, synonyms and definitions.

I have also extended the Photos category with a few more options. Although the new additions are not free sites, they offer good value for money and often better-quality shots.

I’ve added several tools to the Productivity, Project & Time Management category, including Asana for tracking work done by teams, and Todoist to help us remember what we need to do. I discovered these three by listening to Tess Whitty’s podcast interview with Gabi Nagy on the Getting Things Done method. A link to details of this method is also included in the list.

The Other Links of Interest category is always worth perusing. This time I’ve added WeTransfer for sending large files your email provider may not be able to cope with; and information on pensions provided by the European Commission, which is especially relevant if you have worked abroad for a while.

It also contains a link to Xenu’s Link Sleuth, which I’ve used to help clean up broken links, which are not good for your site’s SEO. I cannot guarantee that all the links will work across the site or on this page, but I have removed many that were no longer leading anywhere and fixed some that were taking you to the wrong page. Please let me know if you come across any more that don’t work. And if you have any suggestions for the page, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

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