LinkedIn Pointers – Part Two: Connecting and Netiquette

LinkedIn is an amazing site because it allows you to post a full profile—in effect your online CV—on a busy site (364 million users and counting) without having to part with any money. Although we’ve all become accustomed to receiving something for nothing in the age of the Internet, the deal non-paying members receive is incredibly good, but not without a few drawbacks.

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LinkedIn Pointers – Part One: Photos and Headlines

A few years ago you might quite rightly have wondered why you should bother posting a profile on LinkedIn because nothing ever happened. Launched in 2003, it took a while for LinkedIn to really get going. In the first quarter of 2011, it finally hit the significant milestone of over 100 million registered users. But four years later, that figure’s more than tripled. Given that one of these millions could be your next client, the question is no longer whether you should have a profile on LinkedIn, but whether you can afford not to.

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Adverts on Translation Blogs – Survey Results

At the beginning of the year, on my travels through translation blogs in search of good articles to choose as the Posts of the Day, I noticed that more and more bloggers were showing ads. This got me thinking about whether I should try monetising my own blog. Before going ahead with such a radical change, however, I decided to gauge opinion with a survey, and learn more about the pros and cons of showing ads on translation blogs.

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De traducciones premium, al por mayor y postedición

Littlehampton3Se ha hablado mucho últimamente del mercado de las traducciones premium y al por mayor, y también de si despotricar o quejarse de las malas condiciones que se encuentran en este último alguna vez servirá de algo cuando en realidad lo que todo el mundo debería hacer es seguir el ejemplo de los gurús, salir ahí afuera y hacerse con los mejores trabajos, cobrar una fortuna, ganar un salario de seis cifras, volar en primera. Porque entonces no habría nada de lo que quejarse, ¿no?

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The Premium, the Bulk and the PEMT

Littlehampton3There’s been a lot of talk recently about the bulk and premium market and whether ranting or complaining about the poor conditions found in the former will ever do any good, especially as what everyone should actually be doing is following the lead of the gurus, getting out there and grabbing the best jobs, charging a fortune, earning a six-figure salary and flying first class. Because then there wouldn’t be anything for them to complain about, now would there?

If only this were so easy or possible. The translation sector encompasses as many markets as there are language combinations and specialisms. How you fare or how much you might earn probably depends more on the market you operate in than where you live. It also depends on the subjects you have studied and your specialist knowledge, how good you are at translating and your personality; whether you have the drive, get-up-and-go and belief in yourself that will enable you to land direct clients and charge decent rates rather than relying on an agency to do that for you. So many factors are involved that it’s almost impossible to generalise. And it’s also impossible for anyone to know what it might be like for a colleague in a totally different situation to their own.

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Why you might regret not being on Facebook

IMG_0131I know. You have real friends. You don’t need to gather a bunch of virtual ones. Your family lives on your doorstep, or you visit, phone and Skype. As for using it as a business tool, why on earth would you want a professional page on a social networking site anyway? Besides, your work is going just swimmingly without all the extra promotion a Facebook page might—yes, it’s not guaranteed—provide. And you’ve undoubtedly got far better things do you with your time.

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Las Validaciones de LinkedIn: ¿Un mal necesario?

923052_10202947256180741_548194734_nLas validaciones de LinkedIn llevan más de un año entre nosotros, y parece que a muchos traductores les entusiasma la idea. Son mucho más fáciles de dar que las recomendaciones, y con tanto do ut des como hay por ahí, coleccionar un montón de caras en el perfil no supone ningún esfuerzo y puede incluso resultar atractivo para ciertas personas, supongo.

No obstante, he de decir que no es una función que me apasione. Aún no me he subido al carro y no creo que lo haga en un futuro próximo, la verdad. Por eso he optado por no mostrar mis validaciones pese a haber recibido unas cuantas de las que me siento orgullosa.

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Endorsements … who’d ‘ave ’em?

923052_10202947256180741_548194734_nLinkedIn endorsements have been around for about a year now, and many translators seem to have taken to them like ducks to water. Being so much easier to give than recommendations, and with so much quid pro quo going on, collecting a sea of faces on your profile really takes no time at all, and may, I suppose, even appeal to some.

It’s not a feature I’m very enamoured with, however. I haven’t yet jumped on this bandwagon and I don’t think I’ll be doing so anytime soon. That’s why I’ve turned my endorsements well and truly off, even though I have received a few I would be quite glad to display.

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