Translation MA Review: METS at Swansea and Forlì

mets-swansea-forliThis guest post written by Charlotte Matoussowsky is part of this blog’s series on MA courses in Translation and Interpreting (currently divided into European and Non-European sections). If you have done an MA relatively recently and would be interested in writing about your experience to help future students, then please get in touch. You’ll find more information about writing for this blog and a list of all guest posts here.

As a former student of ISIT (whose Translation MA was thoroughly described by Maëlys De Santis here) in France,  I spent my last year (2013-2014) within the framework of the METS programme (Master Européen de Traduction Spécialisée), much as Julie Zabinski did, who described her own experience here. I spent one semester in Swansea (Wales, UK) and one semester in Forlì (University of Bologna, Italy). Since my experience overlaps the others’, I will try to focus on what has not been said yet.

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My European Master in Specialized Translation

Julie coverThe METS is a unique MA programme offering a distinct set of professionalization modules in different fields of specialization. Students spend two semesters abroad at two different partner universities of the METS consortium.

When I applied for this Master, I had analysed the different modules each school offered and I chose KU Leuven (Antwerp) because it was specialized in Translation Technologies and ISIT (Paris) for its Communication module.

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