What I learned in February 2016

calendar-1174841_1280In February I learned that LinkedIn lets you classify your connections using a feature called tagging. By using simple keywords, you can group people by where you met them, the language combination they translate, whether they interpret, live in your country, etc. I must admit I haven’t tried this yet, but it does sound quite useful.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get the most out of LinkedIn, please see my miniseries on the topic. I’ve written five parts so far and I still have at least two more to go. As with most things connected with my blog, my problem is not finding the ideas, but the time, especially as I’ve been spending a lot more it with my family recently.

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LinkedIn Pointers – Part Two: Connecting and Netiquette

LinkedIn is an amazing site because it allows you to post a full profile—in effect your online CV—on a busy site (364 million users and counting) without having to part with any money. Although we’ve all become accustomed to receiving something for nothing in the age of the Internet, the deal non-paying members receive is incredibly good, but not without a few drawbacks.

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LinkedIn Pointers – Part One: Photos and Headlines

A few years ago you might quite rightly have wondered why you should bother posting a profile on LinkedIn because nothing ever happened. Launched in 2003, it took a while for LinkedIn to really get going. In the first quarter of 2011, it finally hit the significant milestone of over 100 million registered users. But four years later, that figure’s more than tripled. Given that one of these millions could be your next client, the question is no longer whether you should have a profile on LinkedIn, but whether you can afford not to.

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