Bite-sized Tips No. 11: Spellings Part 8 – Only One Word

Spellings Part 8  Only One Word

BH6Another quick list of ten spellings today as they are all one word. This might sound easy, but given that most of them are closed compound nouns (two words that have been put together to form a new term), the Microsoft spellchecker might not let you know that you should not have written them separately.

Please remember that all the bite-sized tips entries are based on the New Oxford Style Manual, so spellings may vary in other style guides.

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Bite-sized Tips No. 6: Common Mistakes Part 2 – Data is or Data are?

Common Mistakes in Papers for Publication Part 2 – Data is or Data are?

IMG_0213This second instalment of common mistakes I encounter when revising and editing texts that have been written by non-native speakers of English kicks off with “data”. Should it be followed by a singular or a plural verb? I’ll base my response to this on the New Oxford Style Manual, as this is the style guide I use for my work, but I’ll also check The Chicago Manual of Style to see if it differs.

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