October 2018 Update of ‘Useful Links & Resources for Translators & Interpreters’ Page

Welcome to the latest update of the Useful Links & Resources for Translators & Interpreters page. This major update has been underway for a few months and I apologise that the “Back to top” has not been working during that time (fixed now).

Besides adding lots of new links to help you with your translations and running your business, I’ve divided the page into four main sections and added nine new categories.

The first section contains the general monolingual resources (now divided into three different categories to make links easier to find) and general multilingual resources.

New additions include British, Scottish, Canadian and American English dictionaries. With around 100 links in total in this section, there’s lots to explore.

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Bite-sized Tips No. 18: Spellings Part 14 – Some Tricky Ones

Spellings Part 14 – Some Tricky Ones

Cottage7Below are another ten spellings I’ve looked up to make sure that I’m getting them right according to the style guide I try to base my work on (the New Oxford Style Manual). As you will see, the spellchecker in Microsoft Word doesn’t agree with Oxford a lot of the time, which, in my opinion, is another reason why it’s so important to have a clear idea of the style guide you want to follow (you might like to read this post I wrote on the subject).

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Bite-sized Tips No. 17: Spellings Part 13 – Some that might trip you up

Spellings Part 13 – Some that might trip you up

ArrowsToday we look at another ten spellings, based on the New Oxford Style Manual, which can cause some confusion. Sometimes people add hyphens when they’re not necessary, and other times they leave them out and write the term as two words when it should really be hyphenated. I hope today’s post will confirm what you already know and/or prove useful. All of today’s spellings can be found in the New Oxford Spelling Dictionary, and most  also appear in the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, which occasionally provides a brief comment on the spelling rule.

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Bite-sized Tips No. 11: Spellings Part 8 – Only One Word

Spellings Part 8  Only One Word

BH6Another quick list of ten spellings today as they are all one word. This might sound easy, but given that most of them are closed compound nouns (two words that have been put together to form a new term), the Microsoft spellchecker might not let you know that you should not have written them separately.

Please remember that all the bite-sized tips entries are based on the New Oxford Style Manual, so spellings may vary in other style guides.

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