The truth and nothing but: 2017 update on my stand-up desk set-up with treadmill and Steppie

It’s been over two years since I decided my bottom was going to spread no further and that it was high time I got off it and started being more active. Walking the dog (I’ve got a greyhound) just wasn’t enough to counteract the huge amount of time I was spending sitting down either at my desk or with the family on cold winter nights in front of the TV or playing board games.

Galvanised by all the New Year’s resolutions popping up on social media and after reading yet another article on the dangers of our current lifestyle, I decided to get a stand-up desk and a treadmill to go with it in 2015. You can read all about my purchases in my first post on the topic and more details in ‘Answers to Your Questions on the Pros and Cons of Using a Stand-Up Treadmill Desk’.

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Review of Christelle Maignan’s ‘Interactive Time Management’ Workshop

‘Minutes are worth more than money. Spend them wisely.’ ~Thomas P. Murphy

christelle-maignanAn award-winning, qualified personal performance coach and experienced English-to-French translator, Christelle Maignan is passionate about coaching fellow freelance translators, whether they are new to the profession or have decades of experience under their linguistic belt. With a keen interest in personal development, and over 15 years of experience in the translation industry, coaching seemed like the next logical step in Christelle’s career.

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From Standing Out to Standing Up

Andrew Morris Desk 3In today’s guest post Andrew Morris explains why he bought a Varidesk and how it’s changed the way he works (by the way, I’m posting this while standing on my Steppie).

Like most translators, I used to think I was just a head. After all, that’s where it happens, right? We think, we analyse, we transform texts from one language to another. We’re all very cerebral.

Each day as I sat at my desk, I wasn’t even aware of my body. It was just a vehicle for getting my head close enough to the screen to do its work. I fed it and washed it, much like I do my car. But didn’t really give it much TLC.

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My Tailored Sitting/Standing Desk Set-up

Today’s guest post has been written by Allison Klein who I first connected with on Facebook and later had the pleasure of meeting IRL last October at the MET 2014 conference. Enjoy!

First of all, I would like to say how thrilled and honored I was to have been asked by Nikki to write a guest post for her blog. This idea came about after I had posted something on social media about my quest to find the ‘perfect’ sitting-standing desk and chair earlier this year, and Nikki suggested I blog about it, and here we are.

The Why

This type of set-up is something I have actually been thinking about for a couple years now, between all the attention in the media about how a sedentary lifestyle, such as the one translators and many other professionals lead these days, can cause a range of health problems down the line.

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Answers to Your Questions on the Pros and Cons of Using a Stand-Up Treadmill Desk

It’s been four months since I wrote my first post on my treadmill desk set-up and so I now feel I have more insights to share, especially as I’ve gone from feeling ever so slightly dizzy after every session on the machine to being able to dance to rumba and salsa music (no, sorry, no videos available. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it is actually possible to groove on a 33-cm moving band).

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Treadmill Desks for Freelancers

Stand-up deskIf you haven’t heard that sitting is the new smoking, then you must read fewer newspapers and magazines than I do. It’s entirely logical when you stop to think about it. We were never meant as a species to spend so much time on our backsides. Yet now we move from one screen for work to another for entertainment, from our office chairs to our favourite comfy armchair or sofa. And if you’re a freelancer working at home, then I’ll bet it doesn’t take very many steps to get from one to the other. We don’t even have an opportunity to benefit from some movement during a commute. Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you even ventured outside? I know, it’s winter, it’s warm and cosy with the central heating on and you do have that pressing deadline, which is a marvellous excuse to stay in, wrap up and keep sitting.

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