Budapest mailboxYou’ll find nearly 400 blogs listed on this page. Although most are about translation, I’ve also added some on interpreting and some non-translation blogs related to grammar, writing and editing.

Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions if you think I’ve left an interesting blog out or if a link doesn’t work.

Although this list started out based on blogs in languages I can understand (English, Spanish and German), I’m quite happy to add colleagues’ recommendations in other languages too.

Name in grey = Bulgarian; red = English; purple = French; blue = German; teal = Greek; pink = Italian; orange = Portuguese; green = Spanish

* = new content was posted on the blog in 2020

** = new content has been posted on the blog in 2021 (as at 2 November 2021)

(year) = year content was last published on the blog

Blogs with no new content in the past five years will be removed from the list.

Last updated November 2021


*A Discount Ticket to Everywhere by Rachel Ward

**A Smart Translator’s Reunion by Catherine Cellier-Smart

A Translator’s Thoughts by Chiara Grassilli (2019)

**A Translator’s Thoughts on (Virtual) Paper by Holly-Anne Whyte

**A Word in Your Ear by Lourdes de Rioja – some posts in Spanish

ABC Copywriting (2019)

*ABK Translations by Allison Klein

**About Translation by Riccardo Schiaffino

**About Words a blog from Cambridge Dictionary

**AbroadLink Translations Blog available in Spanish and English

**Acclaro Blog

**Adventures in Technical Translation by Lingua Greca (Catherine Christaki & Christos Floros)

Adventures of the Babblesmith by Hayley Smith (2019)

**Advocating Global by Language Solutions

**Affinity Translation Blog

**AIIC Blog by the International Association of Conference Interpreters

**AJT Translation Blog by Anja Jones Translations

Alessio Iacovoni on Interpreting and Translating (2017)

**Algo más que traducir by Pablo Muñoz

**All Language Alliance – Legal Translations

**All Things Linguistic by Gretchen McCulloch

**Allison writes by Allison Wright

**Alpha Omega Translations Blog


**Ampersound Blog

*Andrew Godfrey Translations

*Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy Blog

**Anglo Premier Translations by Timothy Barton

**Antoni’s Advice & Adventures by Antoni Maroto

Apertis Verbis by Lara Fasoli, Miruna Georgescu and Eleanor Regin (2019)

**Argos Multilingual

**ATA Chronicle Online

**ATC Blog Association of Translation Companies

**ATLAS Blog Association par la promotion de la traduction littéraire

**Atlas Translations

AulaSIC Blog (2018)

**Aussie Translations Blog

Authors & Translators (2016)


**babble-blog: App Localization by Babble-on

*Behind The Curtains by Danielle Sanchez – some posts in English

**Bellingua by Natalie Soper

**Bell Johnson Translations Blog by Andrew Bell

Ben Translates by Ben Karl (2018)

**Better Lies by Kymm Coveney

Between Translations by Jayne Fox (2018)

**Beyond Words by ALTA

**Bitácora del cosnauta

**Black Country Translator by Jae Marple

**Blog About Translation Business by Simon Akhrameev (Russian Translator Pro)

**Blog de Fabio by Fabio Descalzi

Blog de Javier Sancho Durán (2019)

**Blog de Lengua by Alberto Bustos

*Blog de Margarita Arizmendi Salem

**Blog de Okodia by Okodia, also available in English

**Blog de Pablo Mugüerza

Blog de Xosé Castro (2018)

*Blog del Traductor Jurado by Alba Pérez and Rodrigo Mencía

Blue Lines Blog (?)

Blue Skies Translation Blog by Beth Skinner (2018)

**Bootheando by Clara Guelbenzu

**Born to be Global by Nataly Kelly


**Cálamo & Cran Blog

**Cape Context by Virve Juhola

*Carol’s Adventures in Translation by Caroline Alberoni

**cdlancer blog by Carlos Djomo

**Center for the Art of Translation

**CETRA Language Solutions Blog

**Choice of Words by Yulia Tsybysheva

Chris Durban’s Blog (2018)

**CIEP Blog Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading

Cifuentes Translations by Maeva Cifuentes (2019)

*Circa Lingua by David Miralles

*Circle Translations Blog

*Closer wor(l)ds by Inbox Translation

**CMOS Shop Talk (blog of the Chicago Manual of Style)

**Colorado Translators Association Blog

**Comtec Translations Blog

**Coordenadas by Ismael Pardo


**Copyfolio by Dorka Kardos-Latif


**Côté Langues Blog by Andrea Halbritter

**Crisol Translation Services Blog

**Crosses Rivers thoughts on interpreting

**Cultures Connection Blog


**Day Translations Blog

*dba Plan B Blog by Paula Gordon

Diálogos by Martin Boyd (2019)

*Diario de un alemol (Tagebuch eines Alemols) by André Höchemer

*Diary of a Mad Patent Translator by Steve Vitek

**DMH Servicios Blog by Delfina Morganti Hernández

**Don de Lenguas by Departamento de Traducción e Interpretación de la Universidad de Salamanca

*Dot Roberts Translation Blog

**Dotted & Crossed by Deborah do Carmo

**DP Blog by Dorota Pawlak


**Earthlang by Sofia Polykreti

*Eat Sleep Edit Repeat by Liz Jones

El Carpintero Traductor by Rafael Carpintero (2019)

**El Foreing Office

*El Gascón Jurado by Fernando A. Gascón Nasarre

**El nanoblog del Gonz by Gonzalo Claros

**Elvira Daraban Blog

**eMpTy Pages by Kirti Vashee

**En la luna de Babel by Scheherezade Surià

**English to French IT Translator Blog by Anthony Teixeira

**Eurolanguage Blog and English

Ewandro Magalhaes Blog (2019)

*Extra Speech by Olivier Den Hartigh


Ferris Translations Blog by Michael Ferris (2019)

Financial Translation Hub by Francesca Airaghi (?)

*Finely Selected Words by Rose Newell

**Food and Translation Blog by Pili Rodríguez Deus

*FR by Frederika Randall

**Freelancers Union Blog

*Freelancery by Walt Kania

**From Words to Deeds: translation and the law by Juliette Scott


**GALA Blog by Globalization & Localization Association

**Gengo Blog

*Geo Group Blog

German Translation Blog by Joanna Scudamore-Trezek (?)

**Gill Andrews Blog by Gill Andrews (copywriter and web consultant)


*Glokalize by Gary Smith – some posts in Spanish

*Gonduana by Jesús Prieto

Gos Talks by Łukasz Gos-Furmankiewicz (2019)

**Grammar Girl by Mignon Fogarty

**Greenlit Translations by Alison Hindley


**Hannah Keet Blog

*Hannah Translates Blog by Hannah Lawrence

**Harrespil Language Services Blog by Angélique Olivia Moreau

Hello Translator Blog (2018)

*Herb’s Blog by Herbert Eppel

**HI-COM Asia Blog

Hispafra by Alexandra Le Deun – some posts in English (2018)

**Homing Words Translations by Victoria Principi

Honest Freelancer by Chiara Bartolozzi – some posts in English (2018)

*How to Write Better by Suzan St Maur


*ichliebelanguages by Alexandra Corrigan

**ICR Translations by Irene Corchado Resmella

In love with words by Alessandra Vita – some posts in English (2019)

**In My Own Terms by Patricia Brenes

Insights into Technical Translation by Roberto Crivello (2017)

**Integrated MarCom Translations Blog by Marion Rhodes

**Intercultural Zone by Patricia Lane

Intermark Language Services Corporation by Thomas West (?)

**Interpreter Soapbox by Monika Kokoszycka

*Interpretings by Elisabet Tiselius

**Intersecting Law & Languages by Suzanne Deliscar

Intralingo’s Top 100 by Lisa Carter (2018)

**Isabella Massardo Copy & Translation

**ITI Blog by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

**iTi Blog by Interpreters and Translators, Inc.

**Iuratum Blog by Traductores Jurados

**Ivannovation Language Management Blog


**Janeishly by Jane Davis

Japanese Magic Box – A Japanese Way by Malay (Anand) Kapoor

Jonathan Beagley Blog (2018)

**Journal of Specialised Translation (JoSTrans)

**Jugando @ Traducir by Rafael López Sánchez

**Júramelo by Begoña Martínez and Pedro Cano Navarro

**JurTrans Blog (The World of Legal Translation) by John O’Shea

*Just Translate It by Olesya Zaytseva


Kathrin Luddecke Blog (2018)

Katie Uniacke Location-Independent Translator & Copywriter (2018)

**Knotty Translations – The Blog by Emma Becciu – some posts in English


*La Linterna del Traductor by ASETRAD

La trastienda de la interpretación by Esther Moreno (2017)

Lakesidelinguist’s Blog by Jenny Whiteley (2017)

**Language Hat by Steve Dodson

**Language Matters by Kathleen Stein-Smith

**Language Mystery by Victor Dewsbery

**Language Reach Blog

*Language Scientific Blog

**Laura Traducción by Laura López

**Legally Yours from Spain by Rob Lunn

**Leon Hunter Blog

**Let’s Talk About It by Brooke A. Cochran

**Level Up Translation

**Léxico Jurídico Español-Inglés … a site for exploring legal terminology by Rebecca Jowers

**Life Translated by Alison Trujillo

**Lines from a Linguist by Claire Cox

**LingoBlog by Sure Languages

**LinguaLinx Blog

**Linguism Language in a word by Graham Pointon

**Linguist Directory Blog

**Linguistic Alchemy by Karine Leroux

** Blog

**Lucid Eye Translations Blog by Chris Alexander


*MA Translation Studies News by Carol O’Sullivan

**Madalena Zampaulo Blog

**Madam Mayo by C.M. Mayo

*Maeva Everywhere by Maeva Cifuentes

*Margaret Hiley Blog

**Marketing Tips for Translators Blog by Tess Whitty

**Mars Translation Blog

*Masaharu Hayataki

Más de una lengua by Laura Moreno (?)


**Mastermind Translations by Katarzyna E. Slobodzian-Taylor

**Masterword Services

Mediateo News – some posts in French (2019)

**Mehdi Adlany Translates

**Melodía de Traducción by José Manuel Manteca Merino

**memoQ Blog

**Memsource Blog

Metaphrasi by Foteini Moschi (2018)

minibego by Begoña Martínez (2018)

*Mitra Translations Blog – some posts in Bulgarian

**Mon Grain de Sel by Olivia Singier

**Mox’s Blog by Alejandro Moreno-Ramos

*Mrs. Divi by Tanya Quintieri

Multicultural, not just multilingual by Louise Souter (2018)

**Multifarious by Paul Filkin

**Multilateral Notes by Cecilia Lipovsek

**Multilingual Insights

*Musings and Advice on Translation by Miriam Hurley

*Musings from an overworked translator by Jill R. Sommer

My Message in a Bottle by Genevieve Shaw (?)

My Thoughts on Translation and Languages by Katie L Ward (2019)

**My Words for a Change by Nikki Graham – some posts in French and Spanish


**NAJIT Blog by the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators

**Next Level The ATA Business Practices Blog

**Nina’s Blog on Transcreation Topics by Nina Sattler-Hovdar

No Peanuts! for Translators (2016)

*Nora Díaz on Translation, Teaching, and Other Stuff


**Okomeds by Okodia, focusing on medical translation

**One Hour Translation

**Only Human Translators by Simon Berrill

Oxford Words Blog by Oxford Dictionaries (?)


PacTranz by Dennis Brown (Pacific International Translations) (?)

**Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators – Graduates of the Ionian University– some posts in English

**Paula Mariani Blog

**Phrase Blog

**Plume Rouge Blog

**PoliLingua Blog

**Professional Copywriters’ Blog

**Profluentia Blog by Sarah Jamieson

** Blog


**Rafa Lombardino Blog

Rainbow News by Rainbow Translations (2019)

**Reading in Translation by Lucina Schell and Stiliana Milkova

*Rebecca Elder Translation Blog

Red Comunica (2017)

**Responsive Editing Blog by Liz Jones

**Ridge Writing Retreats by Kate Sotejeff-Wilson

*Rita Maia Translation Services– some posts in English

**Rosetta Translation posts by Alison Tunley

*Rubén Pedro López

Russian Translation Knowledge Base at your Fingertips by Velior


Sciword – Translation and Interpreting Tips and Thoughts by Maria Karra (2019)

**SDL Trados Blog

*Seekncheck Blog – some posts are in French

**SENSE Blog by the Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands

**Sentence First by Stan Carey

**Separated by a Common Language by Lynne Murphy

**Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin

**Signs and Symptoms of Translation by Emma Goldsmith

**Slator – Language Industry Intelligence

**Small Blue Dog Publishing by Belinda Pollard

**Smart Blogger Blog by Jon Morrow and others

*So what does a translator do? by Alison Hughes

**Sparks by Andrea Bernard – some posts in German

**Speakt Blog

**Sprachrausch by Else Gellinek

Spreading the Word by Carmen Arismendy (eLingual.Net) (2017)

**Steve Woods

**Strategic Agenda News

**STP blog by Sandberg Translation Partners

**Strong Language by various

**Stroppy Editor by Tom Freeman

*Success by Rx by Jenae Spry



Talk Turkey To Me by Una Dimitrijevic (2017)

**TAUS Blog

TeInteresa by AETI (Asociación Española Universitaria de Traducores e Intérpretes en Formación) (?)

**TermCoord Terminology Coordination (European Parliament)

**Terminologia, etc. by Licia Corbolante

**TerminoTrad The Blog … Le Blog by Roger McKeon

**That elusive pair of jeans by Allison Wright

**That Interpreter Blog by Liz Essary

**The Acolad Blog

The ALE Thought Leader Blog by Academic Language Experts (?)

The blog-worthy balancing act by Kira Hug (conversion copywriter) (?)

*The Creative Translator by Sarah Hudson

**The Editing Blog by Louise Harnby

**The English Translator Blog by Andrea Garfield-Barkworth

*The Interpreter Diaries by Michelle Hof

**The Kyoto Linguist by Alexander Farrell

**The Language Blog by K International

**The #LanguageMatters Blog Translators without Borders

*The Lingua File by TLF Translation

**The Linguist by the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL)

**The Minimalist Translator by Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler

**The Native Crowd by Marjolein Thickett

**The ol’ weblog on language, finance and tech by Luke Spear

**The Professional by Language Buró

**The Professional Interpreter by Tony Rosado

**The Publishing Training Centre

**The Savvy Newcomer ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting

The Translation Business by Paul Sulzberger (2017)

The Translator’s Teacup by Rose Newell (2019)

**Tim Gutteridge, MITI Blog

Tina and Mouse by Elena de Terán Bleiberg (2017)

**Tip of the Tongue by Stephen Rifkind

**Tips ‘n’ Tools for Translators by Carl Carter

TM-Town (2017)


Tradhumanistas (2018)

**Traducción Jurídica by Ruth Gámez and Fernando Cuñado

**Traducción médica, técnica y literaria by Nuria Viver Barri

*Traducir es descubrir by Laeticia Lucie Abihssira García

*Traduteca by Stefanie Guim Marcé

*Tradumei by Jesús García and Laetitia Gañán

*Traduzione Chiara Blog by Chiara Zanardelli

*Trágora Formación Blog

**Training for Translators: Blog by Corinne McKay


Transcreatist by Camille Poudens (2018)

Translartisan’s Blog by Nora Torres – some posts in Spanish (2018)

**TranslaText by Jenny Zonneveld

**Translating is an Art by Percy Balemans

*Translating matters by Lucy O’Shea

**Translating Technical Journalism by Steve Dyson

**Translation Blog by Transpanish

*Translation Bookmarking by Nancy Matis

*Translation Excellence

Translation for Lawyers (2019)

Translation Journal (2019)

Translation Quality Blog by AceProof (2018)

**Translation Services 24

Translation Technology Blog by Joseph Wojowski (2018)

Translation Therapy by Shai Navé (2018)

*Translation Times by Judy and Dagmar Jenner

**Translation Topics by Kirameki Translation & Interpreting

**Translation Tribulations by Kevin Lossner

Translation, untangled by Carolyn Yohn (2018)

**Translation Wordshop by Marie Brotnov

**Translationista by Susan Bernofsky

**Translations123 Blog

**Translations News


**Translator Fun by Romina Bona – posts are also in Spanish

Translator Mentoring by Karen Rückert (2019)

Translator Power by A.M. Sall (2018)

Translator Travels: The Adventures of an Intrepid Translator by Hannah Keet (2018)

**Translator’s Blog by Tomedes

Translator’s Digest by Paula Arturo and Pablo Klammer (2017)

**Translator’s Studio by Gwenydd Jones

Translators Anonymous (2017)

**Translators Family by Oleg Semerikov

Translators Growth Blog by Sherif Abuzid (2019)


TransTeach by Claire Culliford (2018)

*Treeloc Blog

*Tricks and Hacks by Hanna Sles

**Trusted Translations

**TTC wetranslate blog

**Two-Fifty Tops: Musings of a Janepreneur by Jane Eggers


**Unprofessional Translation by Brian Harris Blog by Pieter Beens (2019)

*Vibrant Words Translations by Carolina Casado Parras

*Vistatec Blog

**VPR Blog de Traducción Jurídica y Jurada de Inglés by Virginia Pérez Román posts are also in English


**Web-Translations Blog

**Welocalize Blog

Which translates to by Magda Phili (2019)

Winged Translations by Clara Giampietro (2019)

**Wolfestone Blog

**Women in Localization

Word Prisms by Kevin Hendzel (2017)


WordLo by Maria Pia Montoro (2019)

*Words to Good Effect by Marian Dougan

**Words Without Borders Magazine

*WordWise Blog by Steven Hutson

**Working with Words by Nicola Thayil

**Writefull Blog academic writing tips and insights

**Writer’s Corner by Dr Andrew Hodges


*XL8Freelancer by Tomas Donoval

**Your Professional Translator by Olga Arakelyan

**Your Translator Curator by Laura Cattaneo – some posts in Italian

**YourTranslator.GR by Marina Spanou – some posts in English

**ZingBlog by Zingword


*20.000 lenguas by Olga Jeno

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