Help! Everyone’s at a conference except me (or how to still get a dose of CPD)

Don’t fret. While it might feel like that sometimes judging by your social media feeds, it’s far from the truth. And however tempting it might be to jet off to enjoy quality time with your colleagues, perhaps you could spend the considerable sum involved in attending a conference more wisely. Not only are there plenty of things you can be getting on with to ensure you get your dose of CPD (continuing professional development), they will probably also be better for you in the long-term and look far more impressive on your CV.

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Review of The Freelance Box

Freelance Box 2The Freelance what? For the uninitiated, The Freelance Box, or TFB, is a series of half-day, in-person business and marketing courses offered by Valeria Aliperta of Rainy London Translations and Marta Stelmaszak of Want Words.

Although TFB is based in London, it has travelled as far afield as Madrid and Bratislava. The beauty of these events is that they come to you.

Well, in theory they do. Being a rather determined, dedicated and ‘nothing is getting in my way’ kind of girl, I didn’t think anything of hopping on the Glasgow to London train for TFB launch event.

After stumbling around the City trying to get my bearings, I eventually found the venue. Twitter 1 – 0 Google Maps.

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The A to Z of Freelance Translation

A review of Nicole Y. Adam’s course The A to Z of Freelance Translation by Sylvia Lass

A to Z of Freelance Translation

Please note that Nicole Y. Adams no longer offers this course.

As the title suggests, the online course The A to Z of Freelance Translation by Nicole Y. Adams is mainly aimed at freelance translators in their first year of self-employment, or translators who are planning to become self-employed in the near future.

There are 15 lessons in total, dealing with various topics related to launching a freelance career. After registering, participants get lifetime access to the entire course contents and can work through them in any order they like and at their own pace. The course setup is very flexible, so you can interrupt at any time or jump back and forth between the different lessons. Even after completing the course, you continue to have access to all the materials (including any updates or newly added content).

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Posts of the Day – October 2014

Halloween1October was another busy month, especially as I celebrated one year of running this blog with a number of posts that have proved to be quite popular, as well as a year of tweeting as the Nix Tran Stories on Twitter. 

I also added more blogs to my blogroll as I came across more writers. One recent discovery is Maren Feller’s Word Matters. Two of her extremely interesting and highly accessible articles are listed below.

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Los diccionarios en papel han muerto. ¡Vivan los recursos digitales!

Shelf4Una reciente encuesta en se centraba en si los traductores compran las últimas ediciones de los diccionarios que utilizan cuando se publican. Esto rápidamente se convirtió en un debate sobre por qué molestarse en utilizar diccionarios en papel ahora que absolutamente todo está disponible online, e incluso se planteaba si los traductores profesionales necesitan o no diccionarios. Mientras estemos dentro de nuestra zona de confort (la cual, en teoría, no deberíamos abandonar nunca), no tendría por qué haber necesidad alguna de consultar nada…

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Paper Dictionaries are Dead. Long Live Online Resources!

Shelf4A recent quick poll and discussion focused on whether translators buy the latest versions of the dictionaries they use when they are published. This quickly turned into a debate on whether to ever bother using paper dictionaries given that everything is now online, and even whether professional translators need dictionaries. As long as we are in our comfort zone (and shouldn’t we always be?), then there should be no need to refer to anything at all.

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Turn-of-the-year Reflections and Resolutions

DSCF3406In many respects, 2013 was quite a good year professionally. After spending many years chained to the house as a result of childcare duties, I was finally allowed a pass to attend my first ever conference (although that probably had a lot to do with the venue only being a few miles or so up the road). The conference also inspired me to get around to writing something for the blog at long last (my take on the IAPTI event in London). I had such a good time and found the experience so rewarding that I cannot wait to find an opportunity to escape again in 2014. There are quite a few events to choose from, and which one (or ones—I can live in hope) I end up at will no doubt depend on family circumstances, since we have quite a lot in the pipeline this year. Under consideration so far are:

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